Google assistant controlling TV in different Home

  • 12 December 2019
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I currently use Google Assistant in 2 different places, lets call them home1 and home2.


Both homes are set up under different locations in the google home app (home1 and home2) , and all cast devices are appropriately assigned.


In home1, I have a chromecast connected to a TV, and have been using Google assistant to turn off the TV ("turn off TV' usually works).


Recently, I have set up a sonos beam with google assistant in home2. 


Now, when I am in home1, and ask Google assistant to 'turn off TV', it says 'turning off Sonos TV control'. This is referring to a Sonos TV control device that has been assigned to home2 (I assume is a feature of the Sonos Beam). I have no sonos devices in home1. 


I have tried renaming my Home1 TV to something else (television for example), with no change - the command to turn it off keeps activating this Sonos TV control located in home2.


Anyone have any idea how to stop Google assistant from calling on a  device not located within my current location?

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