Google assistant broken

Recently my Google assistant broke. Upon asking Google something it said it's not connected.

I removed assistant from the Sonos app and unlinked Sonos from the assistant app. Now when I try to set up assistant with the Sonos app it takes me to the Google home app to sign in with Sonos, which I do, then I'm met with the message "You need to link speakers to your Sonos account" 

Any ideas what's going on here? Looking in the Sonos app I can see the speaker and control it etc but just can't get passed that message when I go to set up assistant.


Best answer by steslatt 1 June 2021, 10:04

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Hi @steslatt, thanks for reaching out to the Sonos Community!

Would it be possible to start by rebooting your modem, router, and Sonos speakers in that order? After doing so, if you try linking Google Assistant to the Sonos system once more, is there any change?

If not, mind sharing a bit more information about the network? What make/model of router are you using, and are there any mesh systems or wireless extenders in use?

Let us know how you get on :)



I managed to reconnect assistant. I had to change the name of the speaker from "Living room" to "lounge" in the Sonos app then it allowed me to add assistant back. It must be due to some duplication of the name remaining somewhere even though I deleted the speaker from the Google home app. 

I've not tested functionality yet so I'll report back when I have.

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Got it, that could make sense - if there is a duplicate entry for the speaker, then you’ll likely find it in the Google Home app > Profile icon > Assistant Settings > Devices.

Hope this helps :)

As far as I know there was no duplicate as I removed the speaker in the home app before trying to re-connect. Anyway, all back working now after some testing.