GA problem paired Sonos One Gen2 speakers

  • 24 July 2019
  • 5 replies

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Both speakers connected by ethernet to router. No command problems with Alexa Many with GA. Very hit and miss can sometimes take 4,5,6 commands to get a response.Want to stop music I get the audible note the light greys out I can just hear the music in the background then the light becomes bright again and the music is full on. Regularly have to physically turn both speakers off.due to command problems not just the stop command This is irrespective wherher I have my GA tablet or phone in the room. Have uninstalled/installed GA on a number of occasions still have the problem. Have 4 Ones and 2 Beam's all with GA in other rooms gno command problem with any of them

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5 replies

Here are the google voice assistant commands that are currently available on Sonos...

I would perhaps include the Sonos “Room Name” when stopping/pausing/resuming your music, particularly if your utterance is perhaps being picked up on a device other than the one on which you are trying to stop/pause/resume the music.

Hope that helps.
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Used all the recognised /commands no help. Use room name no help. Make sure no GA device is in the room again no help with the problem

It’s a bit of a strange one then. I have a stereo pair of Sonos One (gen 2'sj in the main bedroom here at home, with the GA installed on the default left device and have not experienced any issues with those particular devices myself and just to add I’m from the U.K. too.

Have you checked your google activity to ensure your utterances are being heard correctly? Also I would perhaps try rebooting your router and speakers to see if that may help resolve the issue.

Note, there were some service outages over the last weekend and that may have affected some things, but the Sonos status page currently shows that everything should be working fine now, albeit it’s 'perhaps' a little late/(early hours) to test some things right now.
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Problem persisted. Unpaired the speakers GA worked Paired them same issues. Changed the pair to Alexa everything worked okay. Cannot stand Alexa so tried again with GA pair. As experment made my right speaker the default. More convenient for me. As far as the system is concerned the right speaker is the left. GA works perfectly.
Question What are the consequences of changing the default speaker
There's no issues with having GA on the right speaker at all, if that suits your situation better.

You may want to consider perhaps a factory reset of the problem speaker. If you do that though I would recommend also unlinking the Sonos Skill/Action from the GA App and setting it up again from scratch.

If it's working and you're happy then leave things as they stand.