ETA Google assistant Denmark

  • 11 August 2019
  • 1 reply


As a NUB SONOS (SYMFONISK by IKEA) owner i was wondering why we don't have Google Assistant support in Denmark yet.
In the SONOS APP you advertise, how to setup Google Assistant and Alexa (Danish Language) but when I enter it says the Country is not yet supported. Stange to advertise in a local language for a service that is not supported.

Simple question what is ETA for Google Assistant in Denmark?

1 reply

Hi Semperarden,

Sonos rarely announce their development roadmap, but the mere fact that the setup screens are already in your language is perhaps a good sign.

I think it’s 'perhaps' a case of Sonos testing things with Google before any launch announcement and it may depend on how those tests go, before you will get to hear anything for definite ... This LINK was the last announcement made by Sonos when they rolled it out to other Countries, so maybe bookmark and keep an eye on that thread.