Endless Loop - Google Assistant

  • 25 September 2019
  • 9 replies


Just received Move and trying to set up Google Assistant to it.

I keep getting an endless loop of signing into Sonos and then it going back to the page as per the attached screenshot.

Any ideas on what to do or what may be causing this?

Many thanks!

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9 replies

Same for me...
Same for me
I'm having the same problem. In this forum 4 months ago, the support team said this issue was solved which, clearly it is not. Their recommendation if it still isn't working? Open up a new thread. So, thank you for doing that 🙂 Now, we wait...
Dear support, please respond.....
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I am having the same issue... 😞
Same issue!!! What’s worse is that I had an issue with updating to the current software and had to call customer service this morning.

Even after this, I went ahead and stopped by the local Best Buy to pick up the new Move. Now Google assistant isn’t working.

Great sound but Sonos Tech department needs to step it up!
Same issue
Adding my "same issue" to the thread in hopes we get some attention soon..
Beam and I am having the same issue..:(