does google assistant / nest hello work on surround speakers and playbar?

  • 26 April 2020
  • 1 reply

Can anyone confirm if this setup will work - want to check before I buy anything!


We’ve got a generation one playbar and sub. We’ve just added a nest hello doorbell that can announce via google assistant.

If we buy 2 x Sonos speakers with google assistant to use as surrounds with the playbar will the assistant feature still work?

There doesn’t seem to be a firm answer on this - some people have said the assistant feature is turned off when speakers are used as surrounds so am trying to get an accurate answer before spending any cash.

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1 reply

@tobylondon Sorry for the slow reply and welcome to the Sonos Community. I myself do not have experience with the Google Home Nest system and how the see a device on the wifi network to use the announcement feature. When you add Sonos products to a Home Theater surround they give up control to the HT coordinator. In your case its the Playbar that does not have the voice service option. As an example, if you have iOS devices that can use Airplay then in that same idea you could not Airplay Sonos One’s in that HT surround. I would confirm with Google Home Nest how they can target a device on your wifi network to be able to use their announcement feature.

There may also be some Community users that have a Google Home Nest and can jump in here if it would/would not work with their Nest system.