different spotify tracks on different sonos units

  • 4 July 2019
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I have 7 sonos unts, non of which have integrated voice assistants. I have a spotify premium account and can play multiple different tracks from spotify across the sonos units, so far so good. however when I ask the google mini to play a track on a particular unit, then a different track on a different unit, it appears that i can only play the same track across the multiple units. surely this can't be the case- Spotify is thee source in both examples so why can't i play different tracks via the google assistant mini?

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2 replies

No one knows why, but it is a limitation seen with Alexa too. Voice activated streams are limited to one source, Sonos activated streams are unlimited. Note you can start multiple streams via the Sonos app and then control them (Play/Pause/Resume/Skip/Rewind/Volume) via Alexa/GA, you just can't initiate them.

This is definitely one of the low points in voice control, but it is probably out of Sonos' hands to fix.
ah, ok that makes sense as that is what I've found. bizarre nontheless