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Why is Sonos lacking the Chromecast functionality, which basically every 100€ WiFi speaker has. It makes it impossible to use YouTube music ( you have to open the Sonos controller and control it from there instead of just pressing the cast button) and it makes using the Google Assistant unnecessarily cumbersome. You have to specify the speaker after a voice command instead of being able to simply set Sonos as a default speaker. That not enough, it also makes it impossible to cast all audio to Sonos. Sonos always talks about being open and support all platforms, yet after waiting a year longer than Airplay 2 users (which got supported as soon as the service got released), we get a shitty, half-assed service lacking basic functionality. Sonos basically incentivizes people to switch to Google Home Max et al, to use get the full capability from the services.

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Dear Sonos!

I'm not sure if somebody from the development team is even reading this, but you definitely should. There is only one reason why I did not yet order a speaker from you: Missing Chromecast / Google Cast support. It seems that even the latest 399,- Sonos Move does not support Google Cast. Moreover, many customers seems to be upset, because the feature was expected to be integrated together with the Google assistant in the Sonos One/Move, but actually it is not. It would be great if Sonos could announce if an integration is planned or not. I hope that more and more comments in this thread will have an impact.

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sonos speakers don't have chromecast hardware and software built in them.
A Software version is possible only if google allows it .

Chromecast casting can be implemented on a software level, as you correctly said. I can see no reason why Google would allow casting via the Sonos API (the voice control) but not the Chromecast functionality.
But again we won't get a reply from Sonos about this...
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Also looking forward to Sonos implementing Google Cast / Chromecast.
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Actually Google is very restrictive about licensing Chromecast functionality in other devices. Way back at the beginning the Chromecast was based on an open casting protocol called DIAL, and there were a bunch of 3rd-party apps created to emulate Chromecast capability. When the Chromecast became a success, Google quickly moved to make their protocol proprietary and then they aggressively went after anyone attempting to emulate it and shut them down.

So I'm not at all surprised that Sonos doesn't have Chromecast capability. I'm sure Google wants a lot of extra money to license it.

I don't really care how much Sonos would have to pay, and honestly I doubt it is much. JBL and other offer it for far cheaper speakers! And additionally to that, I doubt Airplay 2 is free.
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Just bought a few Symfonisk speakers and disappointed to find they are gimped for Android users - why on earth would Sonos not support Chromecast? My 5 year old LG MusicFlow speakers have more functionality!

Sonos - please PLEASE support Chromecast on your speakers. IOS users are taken care of with Airplay, please also look after Android users with Chromecast too!
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The only reason, so far, that I joined this community is because Sonos support advised that I should let my voice be known among others in the community for this request. I'm ready to pull the trigger on two Sonos Ones and eventually the Beam and subwoofer once I hear an announcement that Sonos will integrate Chromecast built-in functionality in a future update.
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Ok. So i have a date.. or a friend who visits.. she comes over. She wants to play something on sonos surround setup. She opens Spotify on her android phone... She can't cast, i don't use Spotify because i use GPM. so i sign up for a free account but cannot access her profile via the sonos app because that feature is restricted for premium (paying) Spotify customers.

And that's it. Game over. Nice sound but it's useless.
U telling me Sonos is ignoring this problem??
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I also look forward to cast support. I own a playbase, 4 play ones, 2 play 5's 2nd gen. 2 Google home max speakers, a Google Hub and a home mini. I want to be able to cast to them and group the Sonos with the Max speakers in a Google home group.
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This is my first Sonos system and probably will be my last one....
The fact that you cannot cast audio via any mean (Bluetooth/Wireless) makes it an one trick pony, and an inconvenience one as well.
Yeah sure it sounds fine, but if it cannot play the music I want (Some of them isn't available on all kinds of media services, others are not in regular audio format, like videos or streams etc), then it's practically useless.
Guess I'll have to look into other solutions.
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Disappointing that Sonos doesn't work with Chromecast. Will take my business elsewhere until it's implemented.
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Yeah, well, I just got in Sono with Ikea's Symfonisk... To be honest, I'm not close to buying extra hardware or doing complex setup for the sake of a functionality I have with less expensive speakers.

The Symfonisk sounds incredible, it's just weird we can connect to the Assistant but not as a Cast device when AirPlay2 is ok out of the box. We'll just have to wait and hope for Cast!
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Adding another voice to the requests for Chromecast functionality.

In the short term I've "fixed" this issue by rooting my phone and installing software to cast via AirPlay. Casting is important enough to me that I will bear the associated security risks. But rooting won't be a suitable solution when I need to get a new phone and rooting will void the warranty.

Most of the people I talk to have never heard of Sonos. Most of the people I talk to think our setup is pretty awesome. Most of the people I talk to screw up their noses when I mention the casting situation. None of the people I talk to buy Sonos.

pls get chromecast asap SONOS!

yes it is ridiculous that Sonos doesn't have Chromecast in 2020!!!!

Sonos please add a casting feature to Sonos from andriod/google home, much appreciated

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Also would like chromecast. Line in is super clunky, your app is pathetic. The convenience of chromecast cast is a must really in 2019.

I am new to Sonos and just purchased a Beam. I was under the impression I could cast to the speaker from my Android phone but I cannot. I was shocked to learn this. The only workaround is to buy a Chromecast Ultra, connect it to my tv and cast to the tv and the sound will come out the Beam. 


Its such a shame that Sonos didn't incorporate this simple feature for the prices they charge...

You know, I listen to audiobooks a lot.  Would be so great if I could listen with my Sonos speaker at home. But well, I CAN NOT. Crazy right? So my old Play 5 will play some music and I will look for a vendor who actually cares for Android users ...

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Echoing others, lack of Chromecast integration in my Sonos One is a big disappointment.  Many competitors offer this.  I would buy additional Sonos Ones if it had this functionality.  I am giving serious consideration to selling my Sonos One and buying the Harman Kardon Citation One MKII.  The MKII version adds Airplay 2 in addition to Chromecast.  Having both gives me the flexibility that I want.  I’d be happy to stick with Sonos, but at some point I’ll get tired of waiting.

God damn it. I wish I saw this thread before I invested in Sonos.

It’s frustrating as hell that I cannot cast anything to my Sonos. My dingie little Sony speaker can be cast and airplay. What sort of joke is Sonos playing on us?

It’s basically a useless ecosystem when you’re forced into the Sonos app which relies on integration services.

Yes, Sonos fanboys please down vote this post I’ve seen how you’ve all attacked legit feedback from owners who are not happy with the way Sonos is prioritizing their software development. This is a software product prioritization. Chromecast is as open as it can be. It is not Apple AirPlay.

@Foofoo: I completely agree. I have 2 Play:3s, a Soundbar, and 2 Play:1s. But I listen to podcasts, etc. on my Google Home Minis because Sonos is so freakin' inconvenient. I'm ready to dump the Sonos gear.

I want to buy a Sonos system, but won’t do it without Chromecast support. 4 out of 5 mobile phones in my family is on Android. Some services we use don’t support either AirPlay or Sonos, only Chromecast, so it’s an absolute requirement. There’s no other systems out there that I really want though, so I’m very likely to buy a Sonos system if Chromecast support is introduced not to far off in the future.

I have to agree that the Sonos One is the most disappointing tech I have ever purchased.

I bought it early doors on the promise of Google Assistant compatibility. After 12+ months of Airplay failing to work 70% of the time and using the more reliable (but very un-user-friendly Sonos app) a half-hearted implementation of GA arrives...

The microphone fails to pick up commands more often than not, I regularly get the message from my Sonos One that my Sonos One is not available (?!) and obviously chromecast does not work.

My £30 Google Home performs way, way better than this, if only it sounded as good... Google Max here I come.

fact is - sonos needs also chromecast support, otherwise it’s wasted money for the buck for most android users and we better switch to other brands


Sonos offers pretty much every major streaming services streamed directly without the use of chromecast, airplay, or any other mechanism in between.  They also offer Tune In and their own Sonos radio as a means of accessing hundreds (thousands?) of radio stations.  I think you might be overstating the necessity of chromecast support for android users.

It's not overstated. I have a home ecosystem with multiple speakers that can be grouped via Chromecast. I purchased a Sonos One and was surprised that I couldn’t group it with my other speakers. It is possible with Airplay but as an Android user, it was very disappointing. I promptly returned the Sonos and purchased a Harmon Kardon Citation One instead. It has been able to integrate with my Google Home ecosystem smoothly via Chromecast and the acoustics are comparable, if not, slightly better.

I have been waiting to be able to cast to my connect amp for quite some time.

I still have some hope.

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So Sonos… Chromecast?