Change volume on multiple/all speakers with GA

  • 19 June 2019
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I have multiple Sonos speakers in my living room, but if i change the volume by GA voice it only changes the volume on the one that is 'listing'. This is really annoying and removes the use of voice commands for sonos. It's quicker with the app then changing the volume for every individual speaker by voice...

Did i miss something?

These would be perfect:
'Volume to 30 percent'
'Group volume to 30 percent'
'All Groups/Speakers volume to 30 percent'


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4 replies

Yes! I have the same problem.
Been using Yonomi in my iPhone with a Siri shortcut as a workaround, but not ideal.
I'm having the same problem, it would be perfect if it changed to volume of all rooms by default.
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Need: 'Group volume to 30 percent'

The ‘group volume’ adjustment feature is available with Amazon Alexa on Sonos, so hopefully this will be on the development plan with GA on Sonos, but as Sonos rarely, if ever, announce their plans, we will have to wait and see what happens, but definitely +1 from me for this feature too.👍