Change google assistant activation keyword

  • 18 November 2019
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Hy there

This question has been asked for Alexa before (with no solution yet, if i’m not wrong) and it appears to be the same annoyance with the google assistant:

Is there a way to change the activation keyword? I’m aware this could be a technical problem, that can only be solved with google and the assistant itself, but since it’s very annoying, i desperately looking for a solution.

Why is this necessary? Surprisingly there a many housholds with more than one member. And all of these members have there own google account. So, i’m standing in the living room, saying “ok google” to play some music or ask for the daily schedule. Then, often 5 or more devices respond to my request, most of the time with a different result, due to the different accounts. This is just unusable.

That leads also to the sidequestion: Is there a plan (somwhere in the future) to support several google acconts (assistants) in one sonos environment? So then, the system may detect the requester by voice and brings up the right schedule?


1 reply

Let me bump this just once…

It sadly looks like there is really no possibility to change the activation keyword for google assistant on sonos.

Is that true or has someone out there any information to share?