Cannot Re-Add Google Assistant to Sonos Beam

  • 10 August 2020
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Hello Sonos Community!

I bought a Sonos Beam a few months ago, had set up Google Assistant as well other services, and was very happy with it, until recently. A few days ago the Google Assistant started to get very glitchy, the assistant even said things like “There was a glitch, please try again later”, and the voice would do this creepy thing where the female and male voices would somehow merge and sound very terminator like. So I decided to factory reset the whole lot. And this is where the problem comes in, and from reading other forum topics, I’m not alone here.


After I reset my device, there seems to be a glitch in the “add Google assistant to you device” process. After being redirected to the Google Assistant app, then signing into my Sonos account, the Google app is unable to find any devices to connect with. Despite trying everything like unlinking Sonos account in the Google Assistant app, renaming my Sonos devices and rooms, nothing seems to work. Therefore in the Sonos app, the Google Assistant is not listed as enabled, and cannot be added.


Seeing this issue in other forums, it seems the problem is that the Google Assistant does not recognise the device as “new”. It somehow remembers the device from the previous connection. Even removing the assistant app and all data does not fix this issue. Consequently, my Sonos beam microphone light is off and the button is none responsive. Any “hey Google” prompts are completely ignored by the Sonos, yet when I ask Google (via my phone) to play music on the Sonos beam, it works perfectly.


Can someone help me workout how to re-add Google Assistant to the Beam? It seems unlikely that I’m the only one having this issue. Any advice would be appreciated.

6 replies

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Hi @TimAndHisGin, welcome to the community and sorry for the late response.

Thank you for taking the time to troubleshoot.

I would like to check the Sonos system, please take a diagnostic from the Sonos app and reply with the confirmation.

Setting > Help & Tips > Submit Diagnsotic.

This so that I can verify the Google Assistant registration.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.

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Have you tried these steps yet?

Open Google Home app > tap [+] symbol on top left > Set up device > select ‘Have something already set up?’ > if Sonos is in the top list, select it, then tap ‘Unlink account’ to remove Sonos from Google Home/Assistant, then add the Google Assistant in the Sonos app again thereafter, or ‘Check for new devices’ to let your Google Home sync with your Sonos device(s).

If you have any other speakers with Google Assistant (Google Home/Nest speakers), you can always say “Sync my devices.”

Hi Kyle, I’ve submitted a diagnosis to , confirmation number 934446308. Let me know what you find. 

JamesDan, thanks for trying to help, but this is exactly what I’ve tried before. Whether in Google Assistant or Google Home app, seems to make no difference. :(

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Hi @TimAndHisGin, thank you for the update and sorry for the late response.

I checked the diagnostic, Google Assistant not registered to the Sonos System.

We would need to know the error you’re having.

Try adding Google Assistant under Settings > Services > Under Voice in the Sonos App.

Follow the instruction and update us about the error. 


Hi Kyle,

As described above, when trying to add Google assistant via the Sonos app: I get redirected to the Google assistant app, log into my Sonos account, and then when Google Searches for a device it returns the error “no devices found”.

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Hi @TimAndHisGin, thank you for the update.

I see I would now recommend calling our Phone support to troubleshoot this with you.

They’ll have more options and tools to check the error you’re having.

1 800 680 2345 Monday to Friday from 10 am to 9 pm ET.

They also have the option to request a screen share with your consent. So they can also see what you see.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.