Can you use multiple Play:1 speakers with Google Home, or in multiple homes?

  • 17 November 2019
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Can you use multiple Play:1 speakers with Google Home, or in multiple homes? 


I've recently added a Google Nest Mini to my house & my parents. We both have Sonos Play:1 speakers and I can see and control mine absolutely fine - Google controls changing the radio or volume or playing a podcast absolutely great. 


I found I couldn't add a second Play:1 speaker, and figured it might be because I had registered each one on a different Sonos account/email address. Changed that, reset both devices but still no joy. 


I plan on trying both speakers at the same location, but surely I can't be the only person doing similar? 

Google Home support weren't much help - after being told they needed to be on the same WiFi - ie change the WiFi at both homes to have the same SSID and password, they then told me Google Home can't have more than one speaker setup unless it's on the same WiFi network.

That simply can't be true as I have each nest speaker currently setup and working fine, different wifi in different homes but all controlled by my one Google login. (can still invite parents to the home and they use their own login - but can't access my home devices). 

I'm planning on trying changing the WiFi SSD and password to match at both locations, and if that makes no difference I'll bring the second Play:1 home to test two devices on the same WiFi connected to the same router and see if i can add and control both. 


If that works I suspect I'll have to control each home using a different Google account. 


Any thoughts? Or anyone else got more than one Sonos speaker working ok with Google Home? 

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3 replies

Have the same problem

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I would say this: as long as the e-mail adress you use for GA and Sonos are the same, GA should work anywhere you use your speakers. Because changing wifi credentials on Sonos is a pain, it is a good tip to use the same SSID and pasword for the networks in both locations. 

One Sonos works fine, just using more than one just can’t be added. It just doesn’t show.


Have yet to find the time to setup multiple Google logins for each location yet and invite myself to each one so fingers crossed.

Currently i’m sat at my house and i control Sonos using the Sonos app, Google won’t see it :(