Can’t turn on the mics on the other speaker, when the speaker is using Google Assistant.

  • 15 May 2019
  • 1 reply

So I just updated my speakers with Google Assistant today, and I have some initial feedbacks on it. Firstly, it’s very infuriating not able to use Google Assistant on both of my Sonos Ones (Gen 1). Sometimes I have to get in my bathroom, and I’d like to shout my commands from it. But only one speaker is able to turn its mics on, and it’s even on the further one to the bathroom. Also, the mic button on the disabled speaker doesn’t work. Secondly, the response time is noticeably longer compared to when Alexa is enabled (only when I request music). Thirdly, Google Assistant doesn’t recognize my commands for music sometimes. For example when I say play Stan by Eminem and Elton John it just says “Playing Stan on Stan”. But when I says playing Stan by Eminem it plays normally. I’d like how to get around that problem. Thanks!

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1 reply

By the way, I can't ask Assistant to play music on my speaker through the GA app on iOS. It says "Sorry, I can't do that yet". Is there anything I'm missing?