Can’t add back Google Assistant to Sonos One stereo paor

  • 12 August 2019
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I changed ISPs yesterday, including setting up a new modem, but kept my original modem as a router (new modem is in bridge mode) - so all my devices are still using the same networks as before. Everything is working smoothly except for Google Assistant on my Sonos One (gen 2) stereo pair. It kept saying “something went wrong” and “there was a glitch”, so after rebooting it didn’t work, I removed GA with the intention of re-adding it.

Except now I can’t re-add it! Every single time, it takes me to the Google Assistant app, which repeatedly “can’t find any devices”. My iPhone and the Sonos Ones are definitely on the same network.

Things I’ve tried, with multiple attempts in between at adding GA:

- Rebooting the router
- Rebooting the Sonos One
- Removing all accounts from the Google Assistant/Google Home apps except for mine, which is the same email address as the one associated with the Ones
- Exiting and restarting those two apps and the Sonos apps
- Restarting my phone
- Removing my music services (Spotify) from Sonos, then later adding it back
-Unlinking the Sonos from the Google Home app (and later adding it again). (In the Home section of the GA app, the Sonos is listed ... which makes zero difference to it being findable when I try to add GA via the Sonos app).

Google Assistant is working fine on our Google Home Minoan and my kids’ Sony speakers. I’ve spent hours on this and am really frustrated at this point. Hopefully someone here has something that will work! Thank you.

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