Can I record output from Sonos microphone to test

  • 23 May 2020
  • 1 reply

Can I record output from the Sonos microphone to test/playback. I am having trouble getting the Sonos to hear me as I'm having too shout for it to even recognise I am saying something and even then it will not understand what I am saying. Google assistant has no trouble on my iPhone so I assume its not my voice thats the problem?

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1 reply

@Gavztheouch Thank you for bringing your concerns to us here and Welcome to the Sonos Community. I understand that you are describing an issue with how your Sonos product(s) microphone is picking up your voice commands with your added Google Assistant. Where in the room are your Sonos product)s) placed on or near? How close are any of your Google devices with the voice assistant feature? We would like to see an updated diagnostic report number from your system when this happening. Please re-create the issue and write down that report number.

I would then ask that power re-boot your Sonos and Google products off/on for 15 seconds. When you are reconnected please attempt to re-create the issue once more and follow up here with the testing results along with a second diagnostic report number. If the issue is continuing we may need you to call in and speak with our phone agents.