Can Google Assistant play music from a Mac?

  • 14 September 2019
  • 4 replies

Plenty of help on the web to connect to Apple Music but i dont want to do that, i am playing music from my Mac via Sonos Controller but i cant work out how to set Assistant to use that music library, it wants a "service" but music library on a computer doesn't seem to be a "service".
For "music services" within assistant i have "no default" set since its not you tube or google play,
have i missed some settings or is this just not possible?

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4 replies

You cannot initiate play from the local library on Google Assistant. Once in the queue, you can use GA to pause, play, FF, REW, etc.
Thanks. Oh well looks like I'll have to be undignified and tap on my phone 🙂
Appreciate the ideas folks but I'll just give it a miss, doesn't seem worth the effort.
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You could use IFTT to create an applet that will play favourites from Sonos. You can set up playlists albums, radio stations as Sonos favourites then create the applet.

There are only a limited number of favourites, about 50, that you can set up but it works well.

Ttriggered with phrases like "Ok google, run my Sonos Dire Straits favourite"