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Trying to find where to download the Sonos mac desktop app, as it does not appear on the mac app store. Thanks.

Sonos App for Windows Phone

Since microsoft has standardized the upcoming Windows Phone 7 release in the same fasion as Apple I really hope to see an app for those phones. has to be at least as good as the one for iPhon, iPod.


Losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household. My ONE YEAR OLD can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will no...

3rd Party Software/Hardware Links

Forum members often talk about 3rd party Hardware or Software without linking where to find it. The purpose of this thread will be to store a link to all such software in one central location. We wi...

Sonos spec a mystery

Recently i thought it a fair question to ask "what is the frequency response for the Play5 and Play3" Official answer from Sonos tech support: "not sure, we will get back to you!" ... Never did I als...

Dead spots on CR200

Hi there, Since upgrading to 3.1 my cr200 has become unresponsive in certain parts of the scree. For example if i try and adjust the treble in the music equalisation screen I cant move the slider. If...

Windows 10 Controller

Do you have plans to ship a Windows 10 Store app which can be used from multiple Windows devices (PC, Phone, Xbox) to control the Sonos experience? We are a Windows household and the desktop controll...

Wiring a whole home ceiling speaker system with Sonos Connect:Amps - Need help!!

I am renovating a large old home, and want to wire it for a network and home audio while most of the walls/ceilings are open.    My plan is to use Monoprice 8" ceilling speakers with back en...

Sonos Software Version 3.8 Now Available

Hello, Sonos software version 3.8 is now available for download from your Sonos system. Sonos will automatically notify you when a new update is available - just click Update Now when prompted to be...

Restricting controllers to certain zones

It would be a very useful feature to be able to restrict specific controllers to specific zones. That way my kids cant turn the music on in my bedroom at 4am for fun. Seriously though a sensible feat...

Has any posting here EVER produced anything ?

I have been a Sonos user, and have spent a LOT of money on their products since 2005. I have posted a few high priority, low difficulty suggestions over the years, and have watched *many, many* other...

"Your Sonos System Not Found" after it was already connected and playing

My system has been connected and having no problems.  Then I started getting fairly regular error messages on all my controllers "Your Sonos System Not Found".  Then the controller functiona...

How do I play audio from my iMac through Sonos?

How do I play audio (e.g. soundtracks for movies and TV in iTunes) or stream internet content (e.g. netflx or iPlayer) from my iMac through my Sonos system? I've tried a phono lead out from the headph...

Sonos WD100 - Wireless Dock for iPod/iPhone

@Sonos tweeted this picture from their booth in Boston: http://twitpic.com/2qz9jk along with the cryptic comment "The Sonos set-up at #gdgt Boston for tonight. Can you spot the new Sonos product? " T...

how do i get my sonos to work with my macbook pro? It does not have a disc drive.

I recently bought a new macbook pro and I had sonos installed on my macbook. My macbook pro does not have a disc drive so I need help knowing how to install it on.

ZP100 vs ZP120

Hi, I'm discovering Sonos system, what are the differences between ZP100 and ZP120, also ZP80 and 90. I saw on ZP120 there are no auxiliary outputs Is there something else, quality or other. thank you

Sonos can't connect to my mac for music library on iTunes

Sonos cannot connect to my mac. I have followed all the instructions and very frustrated as I have spent a lot of money on an Audio consultant and the hardware ... and am still playing music on my pho...

Sonos Update to 3.7 and Linux

Sloved / Solution in page 3. Hello, Who has a success with updating the Sonos 3.7 on Ubuntu + Wine desktop ? From my side, I get : - in the wine windows "The wizard was interrupted before Sonos...

3.7 Update - Official Thread

Hello all! Today, Sonos released version 3.7 of our software featuring updated versions of our Sonos Controller for Mac and PC - including such features as a Mini-Controller, Unified search box, drag...

how do i play music from my computer through the sonos speaker?

using an hp desktop with the sonos play:3. i want to stream music from itunes on the desktop through the sonos speaker.

3.6 "Sonos will no longer support the Windows Media DRM format"

"Sonos will no longer support the Windows Media DRM format" This message appears in the description for 3.6 on my Control 200. Before I update, what does this mean?

why won't some tracks from my music library (iTunes) play in Sonos

My sync. to my music library (iTunes) is up to date. I can play thousands of tracks but some just refuse to play. For example I can add Hotel California - The Eagles, to the queue but none of the trac...

Android controller overdue - read this article

I am a huge fan of Sonos!!! I currently have six zones and love the product. Buttttt pleaseeee it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. Not eveyone is all about Apple and the iPhone. Maybe this wil...

Bye bye Miss CR200...

So nobody's noticed that the CR200 has been withdrawn then? Or did I not notice everyone else noticing it?

Password to avoid guests changing music

Hi Let's say i'm having a party, and my Sonos is playing the music. Many of my guests are friends that earlier has gotten access to my WiFi. During the party, these guests could download Sonos Control...


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