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Please go back to the last app, the update sucks SO bad!

Is there any way to revert back to the last app before the recent update? This latest update is just plain stupid.

Hate this new app 8.0

Just trying this new app on both android tablet and iPad. Still boring but now more difficult to use. Not intuitive or user friendly. I didn't like the app before now I hate it more. SONOS you need to...

Windows 10 Controller

Do you have plans to ship a Windows 10 Store app which can be used from multiple Windows devices (PC, Phone, Xbox) to control the Sonos experience? We are a Windows household and the desktop controll...

New App Upgrade - HORRID

The new interface is nearly impossible to use... it doesn't even make sense how it works in relation to the previous interface which was better than good enough. As someone that has thousands of doll...

Control Sonos Volume from OS X Menu Bar

We received a request for a new feature that would allow you to control the Sonos volume via the menu bar in OS X. Let us know your thoughts on this and add a +1 if you'd like to see this feature on...

Sonos iOS update is shockingly bad - first impressions

The whole My Sonos feature is confusing. The playlists are confusing, and huge graphics which means hardly any playlists can be shown. Was SO hoping the Mac app would get an update, but no such luck....


Losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household. My ONE YEAR OLD can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will no...

New app update horrible, giving a leg up to the competitors

I can only speak for myself, but the SONOS app before 8.0 was near perfect. It was ultra fast, selecting room and what music to play was super intuitive. Everything important was on the same page scre...

When is Echo Support coming?

Hi Guys, Let me start off by saying I love you guys. I have a Playbar, Play 5, Play 3, Connect, and am looking to complete my Playbar setup with a couple of Play 1's and a Sub soon. I also have a...

White Controller Background IS HORRIBLE

Latest update to controller software background "WHITE" is terrible and there needs to be a customization option to darken it. I do not WANT a flashlight when using the controller.

Feedback on new app

I would like to issue my feedback: Oh my gosh the new app, sonos website + forum are very complex! I could easily list a number of fundamental user interface rules that are broken, and many interfac...

SONOS are you reading this? Please put the controller queue function back how it was!

I've downloaded version 6.4 of the app. What a mistake. To anyone who is about to do it, DON'T DO IT IF YOU LIKE YOUR QUEUE. Sonos please put it back how it was. This new app is so awful I am consid...

Unadulterated Hatred for New App

I've used Sonos for several years now, and while I haven't been fan of the controller software it never caused me the level of frustration and outright anger I feel every time i use it now. It did it'...

Feature Request: Export and Import Sonos Playlists

Like many users, we use Sonos in two different houses. We have two NAS's of music that I'm planning on keeping synchronized with RSYNC. What doesn't sync or cant get exported are Sonos Playlists....

Dark theme option for SONOS controller

I sometimes use the SONOS controller (on a tablet) in environments where the room lights have been dimmed at night and so find the current white background on the contoller very bright and intrusive....

The new UI (User Interface) for IOS released in 10/2017 is a step backward

Please fix the new UI so it is easier to identify my devices and favorites on IOS. The old UI was extremely easy to identify my devices - the new one is horrible - at best...

Volume limit feature

Add the ability to set a PIN protected volume limit per zone.

Terrible User Interface

First, I want to say I am fully invested in Sonos with speakers all throughout my house and surround sound around my TV. Please fix the UI on the app. Why is the UI on the mobile app so counterintui...

8.2 Is Completely Frustratingly Awful

I created an account here so I can vent. This latest version of the app is horrible. There appears to be rhyme or reason about where anything is located. For some bizarre reason I cannot search for m...

New ios app sucks

I upgraded to app v8 it started by not connecting to my 2 play 3s and 1 play 1, had too set it all up as a new system never had this happen when i have updated app. Also dont like the layout one bit,...

New Layout interface

What have you done to the interface This is a retrograde step, plus why do the icons have to be so large. Extremely disappointing and irritating. Please sort out something better !

New App is a Step Backwards

New App Update is Terrible.... SONOS please listen to your customers and at least give us the option of using the old version. Why are you over thinking it. The previous version was about perfect....

Party Mode is a problem. We need ability to create multiple groups of rooms!

We spend a lot of time grouping and ungrouping rooms. The issue is stems from my wife's use of Party Mode. She likes to use Party Mode while she is cooking. I ungroup the outside speakers so as no...

Amazon Echo controller

I know it's a pipe dream but if you took the new Amazon Echo and used it to control Sonos, that would be unbelievable awesome.

Support Spotify Connect to allow users to use the Spotify app as the controller.

Spotify Connect was just announced and I was surprised that I didn't see Sonos in the list of companies that would provide support. Many Spotify users have been asking for a long time to be able to u...


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