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iPhone X

Beta Tester - cannot control Sonos - keeps asking to "update" to no avail.

When, if ever, will Chromebooks be supported?

The Sonos control app for android sucks on Android, it's horrible on Chromebooks. My set up works, for now, luckily. Many others aren't so lucky. I need 2 new speakers to fill out my home... I've bee...

Sonos not syncing with itunes

I recently bought a new PC running Windows 10 and did a new install of itunes. I synced my Sonos system and all seemed fine. Recently I bought a CD and imported it into itunes, created a new playlist...

Amp ARC Autoplay

Is it possible to turn autoplay off for ARC HDMI input on the new Amp?

Beam and play 5 gen 2

Got a beam znd plsy 5 gen 2 now grouped in lounge .Is there a way to adjust the volume etc to compliment the room as play 5 is some way from seating znd gets over powered by nearer beam. Thanks guys

List view with full album names and years of release?

Is there a way to switch from tile view to a list view after I search and access any particular artist? In tile view almost all album names are truncated. Also, it would be nice (actually more than ni...

full screen album art

It would be great to have an optional screen in ios / android with full-screen album art. I think lots of folks would like to prop up their tablet and have it show the album playing on screen—looking...

Songs stored on and played from iPhone constantly skip - so frustrating!

Hi, I have no problems playing music from any music source except for songs stored on my iphone. I have multiple playlists created and stored in my music app that show up under "On this iPhone", but...

Recently added to library

Is there a way to quickly list the most recently added albums to the local library?

Please add finer-grained EQ

I have been using a multi-room Sonos for many years, and recently added a Headphone zone. The headphones need a little EQ, so went into the Sonos Connect setup, and was dumbfounded to only find basic...

Android: turn on automatically the controller on wifi connection

When the phone is not connected anymore to the wifi, the controller disappears automatically. It would be great that when the phone reconnects, the controller shows up in the notification area autom...


I have a pretty open concept condo. On occasion it would be beneficial to be able to play my Sonos feed through my AirPods. For say watching TV and not disturbing others. Anyone else?

Sonos App is brutal

Don’t buy Sonos until the App is fixed, constant problems like another user on here the speakers are great when you can run them through the app. Most of the time the app is glitching and screwed up....

Google home and Playbar

I understand that Sonos is working on integrating Google home and would have it released sometime in 2019. I want to know, when this happens will it also support the Playbar?

Sonos on Lockscreen iOS devices

Hi all, Just a few simple questions as an Sonos Sub/Playbase/ 2x Play:1/1x Play:3 owner: - Why does Sonos still not support the iOS lockscreen feature for almost 9 months now? This is completely una...

Sonos upnp servers

Since a recent app update, when I use my upnp server with my Sonos system, the seek bar no longer works on the Sonos app. The desktop app does not show any seek/time information at all, the iOS and An...

Alexa and internet not responding

I have a play 1. Bought a second with Alexa. Now neither will connect to the internet unless directly wired and Alexa is having trouble understanding

Missing track numbers

I have a long playlist that I play in order. In the past at the top of the playlist the track number playing was displayed XX/YY where YY is the total number of tracks in the playlist and XX is the t...

Need 9.1 Software

Looking for 9.1 Software. The last version to support the Dock.


I have 0 knowledge when it comes to scrips. I am looking for a script to install the controller remotely on a mac. This can be done via remote desktop on mac as well. Any ideas or thoughts?

Controller setting for paired speakers volume

There used to be a setting in the app that let you control the volume level of paired speakers separately. I can no longer find it.

Chrome Book & Sonos Now Working? Appears So ... fingers crossed

Evening all ....am I deluding myself or is it all working fine just now? Just updated to latest Sonos on my i7 Pixelbook and is doing absolutely everything asked of it right now .... multiple rooms,...


THIS IS SO SO SO FRUSTRATING - every time there is a Sonos Update I lose one (usually the same one) of my Speakers/Amps. I've tried all the usual tactics of unplugging and waiting and trying to re co...

2nd sub in one room

I have a playbar, 2 play 5s and 2 subs. How can i connect the 2nd sub to the same room ? Please help. Anxious to see if this is achievable....thanks for your time.

Feature request: Ambient/ full settings for surrounds when the TV is playing

So if you have a surround sound setup and you go into advanced audio and then surrounds you’re able to change the surrounds from ambient to full on music playback. However you’re not given this option...


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