YouTube Music direct control on iOS

  • 5 August 2020
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This question was asked about four years ago, but I'm just curious why we don't have Sonos direct control on YouTube Music and Google Play Music on iOS?

Any news or insights on why that isn't possible? I know it's possible on Android, but why not iOS? Spotify and others also have this feature built-in.

5 replies


Interestingly, I just found this post written six days ago

Sonos has written the API long ago, Spotify integrated it. It’s up to the coders at Google to integrate it. I’d think it’s mostly a matter of interest, and time devoted by the teams at Google. Sonos doesn’t have access to their code base to do it. 

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Perhaps with the Sonos CEO testifying against Google in Congress anti trust hearing and both companies suing each other for patent infringement there is a lack of will or too much uncertainty for Google to invest the resources. But I could be wrong.


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Google Play Music is dead soon, so there’s zero chance of that being integrated.

If Google wanted to integrate YTM they could write some code to do so, like Spotify did. They are an advertising company of course, but they do have a few software engineers.

Heh. Having lived near Mountain View for many years, I can assure you they have thousands of engineers.