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With the recent update on Spotify now moving your playlists under 'Your Music' and having categories such as songs, albums and artists. Will there be an update to the Sonos app to allow us to take advantage of this feature?

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Yes, we have waited a very long time for Spotify to handle album collections, and now it's finally here it would be very helpful to access this from Sonos.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Support Spotify's new Collection feature?. Spotify finally started to roll out their new Collection feature. Are there any plans to build this into the Sonos Controller?
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We're always excited to see partners improving their software and apps. Thanks for your support and feedback. I'll convert this thread over to an Idea thread for you so that the community can add support.

Yes please add this long waited feature asap.  Perhaps a Sonos representative can give us some indication of if and when this feature will be implemented.
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I don't understand how it would be a case of community support either Ryan.  This is a change in how Spotify now organises a users music and therefore imperative that this is updated on the Sonos app.  

Now that Google Play Music has been added and uses almost the same organisation in music, surely this should be replicated in the Sonos app ASAP for Spotify customers.

It's wonderful and a long awaited upgrade to Spotify.

As long as Spotify is providing this data via their API, I see no reason not to implement it.
I completely agree with all the comments. I was really excited by the Spotify update and transferred all my playlists into albums and deleted the playlists. I then realised Sonos didn't support it and had to reapply all my playlists.

I hope this can be resolved ASAP.
Someone from spotify mentioned in a supportrequest that this was solved. But I still cant make it work? Any other ones having any luck?

I still don't see "your music" in spotify on my sonos.
No, I don't think it's available.

@jesper ordrup can you link to the mentioned support request?
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I think they'd need to update the app for that I work.
If the app is fetching whatever categories it can from Spotify, maybe it's just for Spotify to update the API?

Way over my head this, but one can always guess! :)
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Yeah I think Spotify need to open up the API. You'd imagine that Sonos have requested this seeing as they are meant to have a close relationship with them. If they haven't then why not?
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Does Sonos support the new "Your Music" collection feature in Spotify? If not, when will it?. Spotify was recently updated to include a new music collection feature called "Your Music." Sonos, however, still only sees music listed under playlists or the "Starred" list, not the "Your Music" section. When will this support be added?
Have to say I fear the worst on this. It seems that Spotify are pushing the spotify connect feature as the way to integrate spotify into hardware devices in future. This essentially allows you to use the spotify apps on you iphone/ipad etc. to control playback on your device . Sonos have said they do not plan to offer this feature. There is also a long standing request for access to the spotify radio feature and that still isn't supported. I use spotify as my main music source on sonos. Unless there is a commitment from sonos to implement new spotify features as they become available I will have to look at other streaming solutions. Would someone from Sonos please state whether they plan to implement the your music feature. Mike
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Sorry for another post on this one but it seems there's a lengthy discussion on the Spotify forums about a complete Spotify integration for Sonos (mentioning Radio access as well).

Might be an idea for us all to go down there and voice our support to see if we can get either side to at least acknowledge the issues we seem to be having.


One more vote for proper integration of the Spotify "Your Music" feature (and Radio too whilst we're at it), as with your impressive integration of Google Play Music All Access. An alternative would be to allow users to "cast" music from the native Spotify app to a Sonos device, as allowed with GPMAA.

For me at least, the sound quality of music from Google is variable and generally not as good as streaming from Spotify.

Just want to add my weight to this. I became a first time Sonos customer at the weekend, very excited then very disappointed. Given the joint marketing promotions with Spotify/Sonos I hadn't considered for a second that it would be such a half baked integration. Not having access to albums is just insane. I have now added a couple of hundred albums as playlists as workaround but so frustrating that the artwork isn't shown next to the playlist in the Sonos app! Doesn't matter how good the hardware is, the experience of playing music on Sonos just isn't a good one because of lack of attention to detail in the App (different subject but same principal,  why is room/speaker selection afforded the almost the same screen space as music selection), I feel like I'm browsing corporate email not my music collection! Either allow us to play directly from Spotify or integrate Spotify in it's entirety to the Sonos app (with big pictures of all of my albums for my simple old mind to easily enjoy and my pork sausage fingers to press!).  
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Spotify "My Music". just curious - with Spotify's new update moving away from the "starred" method of keeping up with songs you like to the "my music" method, are there any plans to update the sonos application to include the spotify "my music" function? Would be very helpful
With regards to playlists etc on Spotify via the Sonos app.. it needs to be changed to where when you select the playlist or a song within that play list, it automatically plays the next song on the list. Also to have a shuffle button on each playlist. It's stupid I have to now add every Spotify playlist to my Sonos one just to get this feature. 
Agreed, this is a must have feature. 
Just wanted to join in with this discussion as I would love this feature to be available on the Sonos app as I mainly use Spotify. 
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+1 here: Sonos and Spotify is the combo. 1+1 > 2, of course if all Spotify features stay supported,
+1 for me! I always use the sonos with spottily, so 'my music' is a must have in the software!
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I suppose it's just a matter of time.
You can't expect Sonos to implement changes a few days after Spotify did.
But I agree this is basic functionaility. I also converted all my album playlists to 'albums under my music' .
I'm sure they will come up with an update soon.


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