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Hello, I am the proud owner of a Play 3 and a Bridge and I am very satisfied! However, in my opinion it lacks a streaming service that is really essential: YouTube! Remember that YouTube is the main search engine after Google for music and a huge amount of people listen to music and discover artists every day from YouTube. Therefore, it would seem to be a serious strategic mistake and a great lack for Sonos users, not to quickly add it to the list of available streaming services on your controller interface! This would allow to watch YouTube videos on his computer screen, tablet or smartphone (through an embed YouTube video player) and listen to the corresponding soundtrack on his favorite speaker Sonos simultaneous d(-_ ~)b ... FYI, here is what is preparing competition (including YouTube with a video player): Thank you for reading... Sincerely, Olivier (from Paris)

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Hello CoOlZic, I merged your Idea to an existing thread followed by more Sonos users to make your input more visible and beneficial for the community.


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