Workaround for Lock screen controls

  • 21 July 2018
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I use the lock screen controls on and off and miss them since the update. As a kind of workaround you may want to check out an app called Sonobit. Sonobit works by swiping from the lock screen to the Today/ Widget screen. You don’t have to unlock the phone and you can play, pause, skip tracks, and change volume. It is an older app that was somewhat popular before locksreen controls became available. I haven’t used it in ages but can confirm it stills works. It looks like it gets regular updates and might work with Apple Watch- can’t confirm because I don’t have one. I am not affiliated with the app maker just looking to help out anyone missing their lock screen controls. I think there might have been one or two other apps that were similar but made by other developers but I never bought them. I will try to find the names and post later.

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9 replies

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Hi, tdmoreno. Whilst we cannot recommend such workarounds, I think it's great that they are out there. Please do report back with your findings.

As a general point, just so that I've mentioned it, our support teams are unable to assist with these apps should they go wrong for whatever reason.

@tdmoreno Thanks - I may try that. It is not a replacement of the lock screen controls, but it might make it a bit easier.

@Sonos - please reintroduce the lock screen and Apple Watch controls. I miss them! :(
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OysteinT, I hear you. The fairer one in our household uses her iPhone as a controller- I'm keen to see this functionality put back as well. The day it happened, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was my idea to get rid of it. We are working towards a solution, though it bears repeating; as we are working with a third-party, these things can take a little while. Rest assured, as soon as we have a solution our customers will be informed. Your patience is appreciated.
Sonobit does work with Apple Watch 4.
But i'd prefer a Sonos update to have the lockscreen control back on my iPhone and then also on the watch through now playing which is smarter than sonobit
oh yes please, give us back the lock screen controls... 🆒
yes please return the lock feature other airplay compatible apps work just fine.
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Another vote for the lock screen controls.
On Android, the lock screen controls show until you pause music. If the screen backlite times out, the lock screen controls won't be visible any more. The "mini controller" is still running, and shows on the notification bar, but not on the lock screen. This seems to have started after an Android update more than a year ago, but applies to Android version 8.0.0. (On a Samsung Galaxy S8)
Please, please, please give us lock screen functionality back! When we bought our first pair of Play1’s we didn’t even know we would have that ability, but we fell in love with Sonos in a large part because of it. Then we got Apple watches and our world got even better. I have sold people on Sonos because of this function. I can’t even begin to articulate how frusterated I am at this moment. Fix this!