Windows Controller is Black/White, Ugh

New 9.2 Update on PC's - Windows is Black & White, no more deep Blue and no more subtle SonosGlyphics. As also noted in another Topic, the Windows based Controller no longer has the Add Player Option. I was told that this capability is now only on Mobile Ap's. All of this makes no sense to me, I do not like the look o f the New Windows Controller at all, and don't like that I can't use a PC or Laptop to Add a Player. I understand that Sonos wants to be sure to support Mobile, as the way of the future, but why do they need to spend resources to actually Reduce the Quality of the Windows Controller !? why not save the money and let us keep what we already had !?

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Hi, Eln8125. I too am mourning the loss of functionality on the PC, as it's my preferred controller. Sonos as an organisation have opted to prioritise the experience on smart devices, which has meant a limitation on the PC controller. I will respectfully disagree with the appearance critique, though this is of course subjective. We've received much feedback already and I will be sure to add yours, too. Please do let us know if you need anything else.
I agree with Eln8125 that removal of 'Add Player option' form the 9.2 PC update was not really a good move, and leaves customers in the cold.

Basically people without iOS or Android devices cannot add new Sonos devices anymore.
- I have PC, laptop, tablet and Smartphone with Windows 10, but no iOS nor Android devices
- I bought today a Sonos beam which I realize now cannot install at all.
- My existing 4 Sonos speakers I have all installed with the 'Sonos controller for PC' (with older versions).

The (possible) recommendation to 'buy a cheap android tablet' (only to use to add a new Sonos device) is for me not really acceptable, nor customer oriented.
I remember what the awful windows update reminds of now, yes I am that old :D

They finally ruined the only controller that looked good. :8
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As if the mobile app isn't ugly enough, now you do the same to the Windows controller. What's with all this change and what the hell for? What is it that you guys in your office want to achieve by changing? Okay, so yes it is subjective. So why not come up with something that allows the end user to change skins to satisfy everyone once and for all? Man, you guys seriously need to hire better UI artists. Lastly, why remove the Add Player function? Again, do you expect us to applaud you for that? Your focusing on smart gadgets isn't smart at all, I'm sorry to say.
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The aesthetics is all very subjective. I, for one, love the new look. It is very clean.

But, as with all things, I am sure the design of it will go round in circles over time so, at some point, it will be bound to go to something you do like again.

In regard to the functionality, I would guess that it isn't as straight forward as "keeping" old functionality - it would likely need updating as the rest of the software gets updated so I can see the point but it does feel a little unnecessary to restrict it and not to invest in that.
Wanted to add my support to the dislike of the new UI. The black/white is very unattractive, I liked the blue a lot better. adamluck is right - it's all subjective. But why, Sonos, wouldn't you keep the blue and add black as an option? Skins are very popular ways to have apps appeal to many audiences. If you want people using your app, make it so they want to be in it. With the new UI, I cannot wait to get it off my screen. Just my .02.
New 9.2 Windows Controller is horrifying!! How hard is it to give the user some themes or color choices. Hard to read text and LOVE THE WHITE SPEAKER BOX that sticks out like a sore thumb! Curious why you would push a new controller on all of your users that nukes all of their music folders requiring them to re-add? Pathetic. Makes me not want to use the Sonos.

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