Windows 10 Sonos Controller won't launch, stuck on icon

  • 25 February 2021
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Hi everyone,

I wasn’t able to open Sonos Controller on Windows 10, just like some of you, according to other topics on the community.

Taking a look on the log file that’s created on C:\ProgramData\SonosV2,_Inc\runtime, i was getting the following error message: “<ApplicationData>@Module:module @Message:Can’t bind (port 3410)</ApplicationData>”

It seems that Sonos is using a port that might be marked as reserved. To check that, run the following command on command prompt:

netsh int ip show excludedportrange protocol=tcp

You will get a list of exclusion ranges.

I couldn’t quite understand what’s reserving the bunch of ports I have on this list but, to clean it up and fix the problem, I’ve run the following commands:

net stop winnat

net start winnat

If you check the list of excluded ranges again, the list should be much smaller and port 3410 should not longer be reserved and Sonos app should work again.

1 reply

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Hi @ricardopaiva,

Welcome, thank you for reaching out to Sonos Community, We appreciate your time and effort in sharing your idea/workaround in using the Sonos application. 

A lot of Sonos users will definitely benefit from your workaround.

If you need help with any other information, please be sure to let us know.