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I stopped buying Sonos products about 1.5 years ago because of their lack of Windows support. I even wrote the company a letter stating my reasons, foolishly thinking it would somehow matter. It's very disappointing watching a company ignore users like me. My wife and I are somewhat platform agnostic. We have kindles, android phones and devices, iPhones, etc., and while we can use our surfaces to access Sonos through the desktop app, touch would be much better, I was hoping that windows 10 would finally usher in an touch friendly app. Ultimately, I voted with my wallet 1.5 years ago. I still have my Sonos devices and do enjoy them. But I have not purchased any more. There have been at least three times where I have chosen not to give a play3 or a play1 as presents to family.

I can't help but see Sonos' decision as some bias against MS products. They appear eager to service Apple products and I wasn't too surprised to see them eagerly work with the apple watch, despite whatever reason may be plausible for facilitating that. As others have said, there have been hundreds of posts over many years by windows users expressing a desire for a windows touch based app. Yet, Sonos just gives what in my opinion is some BS answer about not commenting on products in development. It's clear that many users want it. It's also (becoming) clear that Sonos isn't serious about meeting this desire. So, for now, I continue voting against Sonos by not buying any more of their products.

You're are not alone.....
If they don't care about the windows platform, they should at least open up their platform a bit more so external developers can jump in to fill the hoops. There are tons of developers that would love to write an external app for Sonos (not just the Windows platform, but developers in general).
I'd prefer a windows 10 app. The existing app performs well in almost all circumstances unless you're trying to use a touch screen in which case it's pretty terrible.

I'd really love to see something come of GeertvanHorrik's suggestion, opening up the platform so that developers like me can build some alternatives would be great. I'd love to build a minimal controller for my daughter that I could set to her speaker only and restrict to specific play lists.
Hope is coming...
Microsoft just released a preview version called "Desktop App converter" (Project Centennial). This tool can convert regular win32 apps to Microsoft universal app so it can be used crossplatform, also on Windows 10 mobile. Then there is also Windows bridge for porting IOS apps...
Sonos already has a great win32 app. They just need to convert it.. No more excuses when the App converter is in a final state and ready for use.
I'm really surprised that the Sonos development team, have not considered a web-based interface, to work across all platforms, via the various web browsers that are installed on almost every PC/Mac/Mobile devices these days.

I assume there are some technical reasons why that cannot be done, because it does seem the obvious way forward. Most things sit server-side in today's development environment, with very little sat on the client-side.

It is a pity too, as the support dwindles for the CR100 and CR200 hardware controller that people will have to choose from a narrow list of either an Android or iOS device to conveniently manage their multi-room multi-speaker audio system. Having a Sonos controller on a PC or MAC is fine, but is not as convenient as a mobile device for everyday 'room to room' use.

I personally would have scrapped the PC/Mac development and expanded the mobile platform... Browser based if possible, to better future-proof the road ahead.

Sadly I'm not the one making the decisions.

Even though I am an iOS user myself, I do understand the disappointment that many people here feel, by Kenneth R's recent announcement.

Ken Griffiths
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Kenneth, you are stating: "made a decision that Sonos is not going to build a Windows Phone 8 app ". But you have all ready made the Phis Alpha beta.
With good ratings? Why kill it, when you have built it!

And the Windows Desktop Controller, that old fat lady, who really needs a tune-up to the present and the future. That is nothing to brag about.

Sonos your arrogance will kill you. You were first moveres, and at that time great. But now you are just milking your customers, and bringing nothing new to the table. One amongst many.
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Well said Leo. It can be difficult to move this conversation beyond that maddeningly misleading 2-3% figure. The shear volume of low-end Androids distorts all the figures in the smartphone space. Some of the Android phones I've seen sent to clueless relatives and friends could barely be considered "smart" at all and that's in the UK. I dread to think of what's being pushed on people in their hundreds of millions in the developing world. The truth is that probably 90% of the Android market does not, and for the conceivable future will not, overlap Sonos' market. Fair enough WP is still small but many of it's strongest markets are well developed rich ones much as Sonos' are so the risk/reward in developing a WP app is a far more nuanced question than worldwide market share stats.
I have just learned of this announcement and wanted to post and register my disappointment with this decision. To frame this as only a problem with Windows phone users (of which I am one) is to miss the 270 million+ Windows 10 devices which are now going to miss out on a decent touch capable Sonos interface. Anyway, I will as usual vote with my wallet and certainly not be augmenting my Sonos system with new units. I had already suspected that I was buying into a product that was on a slow decline after the recent announcements of layoffs and 'refocusing', but this only reinforces the view that Sonos is not long for this world.
that's a shame. I was looking forward to filling my house that I've just moved into. I was so confident that you'd make a UWP that I almost splurged 600 on 4 play 1's. seems like I've dodged a bullet. thanks for letting us know.
The figures you quote are either US or global, if you look at Europe you have windows phone at 10-15% in some countries, in emerging markets the same. The investment in an app is small compared to potential sales loss of 15%. Regardless of phone the windows 10 rev platform is now universal apps, delivery is moving to the store. If your product isn't there you'll start to miss out (akin to not bothering with advertising)

Really disappointing to hear Sonos is not going to release a Windows universal app.
I'm a Windows developer myself and Microsoft has released tools to convert ios apps to Wiindows without starting from scratch. Advising users to use a third party app is simply unacceptable and just ignoring user requests.

There is also a topic about problems with the Groove music service which I also use. Songs are skipped in the middle of the song. This problem is still not solved after 3 months ???

Maybe Sonos can just let us know they won't support Windows at all.

I was planning to add Play 1 speakers to my setup but after reading such news this isn't going to happen for sure.
With very low cost (iOS bridge) to create and huge install base (270 million), I'm really surprised that Sonos made such stupid decision. Wake up, SONOS, Please!
I re-registered today to lend my support for this plea for a sensible outcome here.

I own a Play:3 and :1, and am looking for another Play:1, Sub and Bar for my home cinema setup current in planning. However, I have been holding out for a refresh of the controller before diving in and I personally cannot invest at present.

As an aside, my household has 3 windows phones (me, my partner, my work phone), 2 Win 10 machines, 1 Win 10 Laptop, 1 win 8.1 laptop (work), a Surface Pro, a ASUS Win 10 touch screen netbook and Kindle Fire (I won't go into gaming machine). You can see we are invested in Microsoft then and it's easier to sell the Sonos kit than start buying iPads etc.

By far, the modern UI and universal search features on the Android/Kindle version are superior to the desktop app which is clunky and aged and does baffle guests. It isn't touch friendly for the touch screen machines.

Now, I do my research, I know the Bose wireless speaker solutions don't have UWP apps either, so I am stalled. I won't invest any more until I have something that works for me. Given this announcement, I feel Bose may get there first however.

Even if the desktop app got a UI overhaul, introduced touch friendly controls and universal searching, it would go some way to supporting this decision (until at least resource is freed up for Sonos to correctly address it). Unfortunately that won't get rid of the need to update the blasted think every couple of days when you update the Apple music integrations AGAIN. Yet another slap in the face thanks!

Now, it's been mentioned here a few times. If you are focused on iOS development, go for it. Project Islandwood ( should allow any developer worth their salt to convert it fairly easily. I'm sure there are plenty of contractors out in California that can help you out say twice a year for say $20,000? That must be a fraction of the research budget no?
Windows Mobile has a market share of 2-3 %, according to . It is not very economical to create a Sonos client for such a small minority. As Windows Mobile user, you should be aware of that and should have been aware before you purchased such a device.

my god i do not be leave you say this. So we do not have the rights to say something abut a SONOS app because we are a minority.
A Windows Phone user, is fully aware of that developers are not willing to make all the apps available on windows phone. But buying a android phone because i do not have a sonos app is more idiot then your pathetic talk.

Improving the Android and iOS client will reach way more people than a Windows client.
On your desktop you can use the desktop controller. Touchscreen Windows devices are still a minority as well, albeit possibly rising in number.
Maybe the whole situation will change with Windows 10, I would not yet count on it.

Basically SONOS did already wrote a windows phone app. only they do not release it. in January 2015 they starting with a app phish Alpha.
Indeed voice control is a nice feature for controlling Sonos in the future. As dNexusb and Chris mentioned voice control will be great in the USA but outside the States it still needs lots of improvement. Also I'm still wondering how voice control will work when you play your music fairly loud or when you play an audiobook. You could even record an audio file with voice commands to control your home automation. But this is all off-topic.

Indeed I would also like to have a Windows 10 UWP controller from Sonos. Which is, due to the direction Sonos has chosen for its product development, not to be expected in the nearby future. However to overcome this there are some third-party controllers that will work nicely with your Sonos system like Phonos, FTScontroller and the one that I use currently on both my Surface Pro 3 and Lumia950, Zonos. Zonos supports Cortana for those who want voice control. All three apps can be found in the Windows Store. If it would be necessary to add a Sonos-device I can still use the existing desktop controller. So in my opinion the fact that Sonos is not making a windows 10 uwp is annoying but nothing more than that. That said there are other reasons that refrain me from investing in new, more Sonos equipment but those are offtopic.
Can I add my voice to those requesting a controller app to use on Windows Mobile. It's a real pain having to borrow an Android device from my wife or kids or use one of the well intentioned but clanky "home made" apps from the Windows Store.

Surface tablets are growing at double digit rates. All this talk about Windows not having a large enough base (particularly in the touch screen tablet/phone market) is just short-sighted. I want to hang out on my couch with my Surface Tablet and use a touch Sonos App. When is that going to be available????
I have now converted every computer, tablet and phone in my house to Windows 10 or Windows mobile 10. While my Surface Pro and HP Windows tablet use the Sonos Windows controller software, I don't have a really good phone controller. I would add my voice to others that would REALLY, REALLY like to have an app on my Windows 10 phone. My wife's old version 1 Sonos controllers are on their last legs and my wife would like something familiar to replace them. I really don't would to resort to an Android solution. Thanks.
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This is getting absolutely ridiculous, Sonos customer support is abysmal, they are treating us Windows users with contempt by not supporting a request to have a modern, functional app for Windows 10. I'm trying to add content to my playlists from my Groove service and getting an error "Unable to Browse Music", I'm seriously frustrated.

Sonos, engage your custmers, your lack of response to requests is ignorant and demeaning !
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There are some controllers developed by other companies that might work for you, and of course, we offer our own free controllers for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows PCs. There isn't a universal Sonos app available for Windows 10, but the Sonos controller for Windows will run on Windows 10 computers.

Ryan, for those of us who need to make purchasing decisions, it would be very useful to understand how (or if) Windows will be a supported platform going forward.

In addition, If the current Win32 app is going to lose support, can you please tell us so we can make plans accordingly.

Right behind on that one scoob101! Before I expand my Sonos system, I need to know that I'm not going to be left in the lurch! I recently moved from iPhone to Windows (mostly due to boredum with iOS). This really is the last piece in the moving from Mac to PC jigsaw puzzle for me :)

So to know that something is on the way would be very useful. Also I'm up for any Beta testing to move the project forward, as I think the rest of us are!
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Seem Sonos can't take a little criticism so here are the edited highlights.

You know I think I could actually have written this drivel. It is the same response that Sonos have peddled for 10% of my life so far. That is over three years of what we shall charitably call non-commitment. In that time you have shamelessly redesigned this website to bury the old thread to avoid the inconvenience of it being your top request, as well as removing the metric which let the world now that is was your top request. You've poured time, resources and money into untested, and unsuccessful ventures such as Tidal and gimmicks like Trueplay all while neglecting the WP user base.

This refusal to commit is frankly disgusting, it is tantamount to lying to your customers in order to keep their sales. It has turned me off massively to the point where I haven't got rid of my components (gone to far for that having 2 Play 5s, 2 Play 3s, 4 Play1s, Playbar & Sub) but I will never recommend your equipment to my friends, family or customers again.

I hope this meets with the censor's approval, if not please let me know which parts are offensive and I will edit them...
Yesterday Microsoft announced Windows 10 S. They and other HW manufacturers will be releasing devices which run this operating system. A key difference from other version of Win 10 is that apps are locked to the Windows Store - you can only install apps in the store. So got a new Windows 10 S device and Sonos - what are your options given that Sonos have not put a controller app in the Store and you cannot use Sonos without a controller:

- upgrade to another Windows 10 operating system
- buy an iPad or Android device
- use a third party app which is in the Windows 10 store

None of the third party apps are adequate as controllers - and do not have all the features of the official supported Sonos controller app - such as Submit Diagnostics. I don't know about you, but I think that is a pretty poor set of choices, which ultimately means that Sonos is withdrawing from the Windows market. What's your reply Sonos? Where do you stand on Windows 10 S?
The lack of a Windows 10 UWP is very disappointing to me. I honestly believe that Sonos needs to consider sunsetting the current Windows application and transition to a Windows 10 UWP. That's the direction the OS is going.

Given that I run Windows on all of my devices, the lack of a Windows 10 UWP shows a lack of commitment to Windows user by Sonos and that keeps me from expanding my use of Sonos products beyond what I already have. The current Windows app feels like it was built in the early 2000's. I don't have a lot of confidence that Sonos will keep supporting the OS.

The other side of this is that it ignores what I call the Netflix/Dominos trend. Netflix and Domino's tend to release an app for every single platform out there. Why? Because they want to be where every potential customer is at and want to make sure that no one feels like a second class citizen. Take the user with a Surface device. They have to use the clunky Windows app that's not very good with touch. They might have an iPhone or Android device, but if the Surface is what they have in hand, that's what they want to use. So they either have to go get their phone (or charge it if that's an issue at the moment) or use an app that's not very good with touch.

I would encourage Sonos to take a similar approach to Netflix and Domino's. Put an app on everything. Let people adjust the volume using their Apple Watch or Fitbit. Put out a modern app on Windows 10. Integrate with Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. Be everywhere.

We live in a world where people work across multiple devices. I feel that this decision ignores that truth.
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Let's all stay calm 🙂.

This is a place to talk about the possibility and merits of a universal app. Not for berating Sonos - let's face it, they make great products which we all love.

Nor is it a place to rebuke people who are asking for it.

In that vein. I think we must recognise that Windows 8 didn't shake the earth, I think we can understand Sonos not developing a universal for it.

Windows 10, on the other hand, is a different kettle of fish. On that basis Sonos have only had 5-6ish months to develop something (assuming they didn't bother with the preview).

So lets be pateint, respectful and help Sonos with it. God knows there are enough resources to do it.
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Hi Tom, I thank you for your candor.

Personally I've only had Sonos since September. Give me three years and I'll probably be at your level of ire!

To Sonos: Don't miss out on this oportunity to be in the world of big data and connected things. From IFTTT to Hue Lights, embrace Siri, Cortana and Ok Google. These are things that show off your product. These are the things that make people say - I've got to have that! Being an ex Apple emplyee I know more than most that it starts with the interface. Don't let some shoddy 3rd party app like Phonos represent you.

Sonos don't end up like Bose on their Island of splended isolation! You have the speakers - they are great. Don't let other companies out intergrate you with inferiour products.