Windows 10 app controller - notice/message which appear very briefly

My system works fine, hardware and Sonos apps (everything is up to date), except this notice/message appears now and then very briefly when Sonos app/controller on my Windows 10 computer is started: "You need to set up at least one Sonos speaker to get the music started. Open the Sonos app on a mobile device to continue". Two buttons: "Get the mobile app" and "More options" It disappears very fast and the Sonos controller opens normally as usual and works fine. Is something wrong?


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Hi @Ragnar Gunnar,


That message is nothing to worry about. It’s likely a case of the app loading on your PC before it can discover your speakers over the network.

If the message persists for longer than a few seconds, that can be a sign of your speakers being offline or disconnected from the network.

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When it appears briefly its just an example of sloppy coding. It didn’t used to do this, and as the desktop apps are supposed to be effectively frozen I’m not sure exactly how this regressed.