Windows 10 app cannot find Sonos - Android app can

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Recently installed Linksys Velop system, both Sonos and Velop playing with each other very nicely, after configuring like this: ( - However...two laptops and a desktop (all running Windows 10) cannot connect to Sonos...4 Android phones, a Controller200 (yes I've had Sonos that long) and an Android tablet can connect fine...

This is soooo frustrating! Any ideas?? Tried reinstalling the app etc etc...

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From the sounds of it, it seems any computer connecting to the network cannot see Sonos. Could you tell us a little more about your local network and how it is laid out? What is the make and model of your main routing unit? Are any computers hardwired to the network?

Additionally, submitting a diagnostic report and replying with the confirmation number it gives at the end would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance!
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Diagnostics report #8326433

Router is in Modem mode - cable goes to Velop node then from Velop a cable goes to 8 port wired switch where it then connects to Sonos Bridge - downstairs there are a Sonos5, a Sonos3 and an AMP
there is a second bridge upstairs, together with a Sonos 3 and two Sonos1s


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Any chance of an update? I've waited a week for any sort of update, let alone a diagnostic of the problem...:-(
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Hi, John. It's been a little hectic on our end, I hope you don't mind me jumping in. I think this may have something to do with the firewall(s) on these computers. Can you try adjusting those as outlined in that support article, then try again?
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Thanks for the suggestion, the "allow Windows file and printer sharing" was not configured, however it has made no difference and I still cannot connect using the Windows 10 app

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In that case, I think it might be best that you get in touch with our support team via telephone. When you call, please provide your username, the Topic ID (228995) and the Post ID (6797767). This way we can remote into your machines and discover where this is going wrong. Many thanks!


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