Will the new Airplay support include Sonos Amp or Sonos connect?

  • 5 October 2017
  • 3 replies

Given the recent news from Sonos covering airplay support, will this include the Sonos amp?

3 replies

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I believe you are going to need newer units then that to initiate airplay2. However when a newer unit that accepts airplay2 is playing you should be able to group non-airplay2 older units to that device. I would expect the connect amp will only be able to group and playairplay2 initiates by another Sonos speaker that is newer
So you're suggesting they will likely need to release a newer version of the connect?
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If you want to be able to send airplay2 directly to connect and not play to something like a Play:5 gen 2 first then group. Then yes you would need a new connect (which at this point does not exist). So I would assume we may see refreshes next year on the older lineup.

Pure speculation here as airplay2 support we don’t have real details on yet.