Where did Trueplay go on my iPad?

Trying to Trueplay a room, no room set up on my iPad. Where did it go?

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So my iOs device has to be on iOs 10 or higher. My iPad Mini does not go to iOs 10. Why do I constantly have to buy newer Apple devices to use Sonos to the full extent? This is the second time this has happened. I can no longer use my iPod touch for anything related to Sonos and now my Mini is on the way out, too. Is this due to Apple or Sonos? How am I supposed to Trueplay my customers' system if I cannot use Trueplay?
It's kind of both companies. Sonos wants to make sure that their code is as resilient to security issues as possible, which requires using only supported versions of Apple's software. And Apple wants the same thing, so at some point, Apple deprecates the code, and consequently any support, including reference materials for Sonos to look up any particular data regarding any areas that might be problematic. And this isn't something that Sonos does, pretty much most game makers (an industry I happen to be in) tend to do the same thing. When an OS maker deprecates code, we generally end our support for the OS as well. We can no longer get access to information about specifics of that particular OS.

Is it right? I don't know. I can see both sides of the issue. But the simple fact is, as a company needing to make sure that I don't get sued for an exploit in an OS that isn't supported any more, I'm probably not going to officially support that code base.

In many cases, the majority of the code written will still work, which is why you see Sonos claim that they have some OS's that are "partially supported", but they're likely unable to be able to test new features on a code base that doesn't have official support by the "manufacturer" of the OS.
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At least you have the option of Trueplay on your iOS device with a vaguely modern OS/hardware. Pity the Android (or Windows users) who have never had any OS version or hardware that can run Trueplay.
In order to tune your Sonos properly you need to make the room as quiet as possible and we really mean it. While trying to tune Trueplay ourselves, we got a few notices that there was too much noise because of some light talking in the office next to the one we were tuning in. So turn everything off and take a few minutes to be very quiet so you can avoid the frustration of the process failing.

Launch the Sonos Controller app.
Tap on the menu button. It's the icon that looks like this ☰, in the top left corner of the screen.
Tap on Settings.
Tap on Room Settings.
Tap on the label of the Sonos speaker you want to tune.
Tap on Trueplay Tuning.
Tap Next on the trueplay screen.
Tap on Begin Tuning.
Tap on Next on the about Trueplay tuning screen.
ap the OK button.
Tap on the Next button after you have place your speaker in the room.
Turn your iPad upside down.
Tap the Next button.
Wait for the background noise to be tested. This only takes a couple seconds.
Tap on the Continue button.
Watch the video provided in order to learn the tuning technique.
Press the Start button.
Your Sonos speaker will start making noise. Walk around the room slowly and wave your iPhone/iPad around the room like the video showed you.
Wait for your speaker to adapt to the sound.
Tap on the Finish button.
Turn your iPad right side up and tap the Done button.

Your Sonos speaker should now be tuned to your room. For the best sound, make sure any time you move your speaker, even if it's still in the same room, to do the tuning process again.


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