When, if ever, will Chromebooks be supported?

  • 20 March 2019
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The Sonos control app for android sucks on Android, it's horrible on Chromebooks. My set up works, for now, luckily. Many others aren't so lucky.

I need 2 new speakers to fill out my home... I've been waiting to see if Sonos would get it together and fix this ongoing major gap in support.

Do I have to ditch my Play 5 and get another system?

Hint: All you have to do is say we will have a Chromebook app soon OR we are never going to make one.

That's all!!!!!!

6 replies

Following this one, I could really use a Chrome version of the controller app.
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Sonos policy is usually to be very non-committal on questions like this. Something like "We have no new information to provide about Chromebook support at this time". Their support model has been around supporting the systems that most people use, and the features that most people are using on that system. I don't know the official stats for chromebook, but I believe it's way behind. If that ever changes, I'd expect Sonos to start supporting it.
The majority of Android apps run just fine on my ChromeBox. The Sonos app really ought to, as well. ChromeOS clearly has a very bright future, which Sonos really needs to take seriously.

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Outbound unicast connections from an Android app to the internet should mostly work as-is; but in general, inbound connections are blocked. Multicast or broadcast packets from Android will not be forwarded to the LAN through the firewall.

Until Chrome OS changes, don't expect support.
Even uber proprietary Apple is going to soon fully support Chorme OS with Chromecast for Apple Music. There’s a huge opportunity here, Sonos, please seriously consider fully supporting Chrome OS.

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I don't see how Apple on chromebook is a sign that more Sonos customers and potential customers are looking for chormebook support. Is Apple doing this because of a surge in chromebook users?

I do agree with author though, that Apple seems to be making a shift in favor of their services market outside of the typical Apple ecosystem. The fact that Apple music is available on Alexa is another indicator. And obviously, the new streaming service had to be available on devices besides AppleTV if it had any hope of succeeding.