Way to rewind/fast forward 10 or 15 seconds? Way to play 1/2 speed or double speed?

  • 23 January 2018
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I listen to a lot of podcasts and love the ability to hit a button to rewind 10 seconds to hear something I missed; I also like feature to play something 1/2 time or 1.5 x speed or 2x speed. This replay/fast forward 10 or 15 seconds, as well as the variable speed playback features, are common in most podcast apps, yet absent in Sonos, making me have to choose between using Sonos at home at all versus using these features in the iPhone Podcast app. Is there way to do this? If not consider this a feature request.

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21 replies

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Hello there, SFDavid. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. Right now, podcasts do not have the skip ahead functionality as in the iOS Podcast app. I am happy to forward your request to the team for consideration and visibility. As an avid podcast user myself, I could use a feature like that.

Thanks for the feedback!
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Yes thanks pls do forward feature request for skip ahead/back 10 secs & variable playback speed. My ideal app would even have ability to "bookmark" a point in a podcast for later. BTW is there a forum for feature requests? I didn't see that upon initial look around. Also: Sonos has *amazing* tech support: spoke w a Scottish guy a month ago who totally helped troubleshoot a problem. Big Sonos fan here!
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Valid question! Right now, there isn't a specific board to put feature requests. Feel free to post in the most applicable board. We here at Sonos HQ, read every thread and try to address them as quickly as possible.

We love hearing from our fans. Glad to hear you've had great experiences with us. Should you run into a problem, please do not hesitate to reach out!
Another vote for this feature. I literally signed in just to make a request for this feature and then saw there was already post regarding it. Please, please make this happen.
yes, please - i want this feature too!
A fast forward/rewind feature would be extremely appreciated. It would be a major improvement to the podcast playback-experience
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Programmable fast forward/rewind button, variable playback speed, ability to play through mobile phone sound system itself to facilitate moving among home Sonos speakers and while traveling = perfect Sonos app for podcast listeners. Extra credit: be able to bookmark podcast timeline points w a comment or hashtag. Future: hashtags enable community sharing of recommended podcasts. #sonospod
Please add this!! My podcasts sound like they are in slowmo on my Sonos! 😉
I just now did a search for how to fast forward on Sonus and came upon this thread. I'd like fast forward too. To skip through introductions and to repeat phrases I missed. I listen to podcasts daily and that's 90% of what I play at home so my Sonus has become less valuable to me for not making Podcast downloads automatic (I have to update my library from iTunes) and not having easy ways to fast-forward/rewind. Thanks!
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Agree w/ RRH - that feature of being able to update podcast library from the Sonos app would also be enormously useful, versus doing it from iTunes. You can search from Tunein I think it is but not as good as subscribing a la iTunes Podcast app or other Podcast apps.

Also found an app called "Tubio" that among other things seems to let you stream music to Sonos zones and/or the iPhone itself, which was another podcasting feature suggested (so you can start a podcast at home on Sonos, switch to the iPhone itself from where you are, leave the house and continue seamlessly on headphones or speakerphone, or, or vice versa, start a podcast in the car, and continue seamlessly when arriving at home or your office or other places where you put Sonos).

Seems like a lot of do-able feature requests for Podcasters in this thread ... would be awesome if Sonos could implement some of these! I think some of these features (playing 1/2 or 1.5 or 2x speed, backwards, forwards 10 secs [or variable set-by-user amount], bookmarking/tagging a section of sound) would be relatively simple,
I want this feature so badly. I use my sonos mainly for podcasts (the shower is a great place to listen and learn)! But I must say most podcasts are recorded at such a slow pace I can easily digest them at 1.5 speed. Also 15 secs back or forward is clutch too (not useful while showering though...) I have waited for 1 year to buy a sonos....finally did it. And bummed this basic feature is not there.
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please make this happen already, as it is holding me back from buying further sonos speakers.
Any movement on this? I’ve resigned myself to playing podcasts through my tinny phone speaker vs the $1,000+ of Sonos speakers throughout my home due to lack of this simple function.
Sonos usually doesn't talk about any "movement" on things until the are released.
Another enthusiastic/urgent Vote to add vairable (x1.5-x3) speed options & Fwd/Rwd feature. Likewise, this is a downer for such great system; recently opted for a Bose bluetooth speaker (instead of another Sonos) just for podcast options via external apps
+1 for the 15/30 second fast forward/rewind
The play/progress bar should have a dot just like the volume bar that allows you to move backward and forwards.
I suppose I should have paid more attention to this missing functionality before installing $1800 worth of Sonos gear in the house. 😉 I guess I'm shocked that the ability to go back/forward within a podcast was core functionality to ANY player claiming to PLAY podcasts. My iOS Sonos app doesn't even have a progress bar. Therefore, if I start a podcast, I have to finish it or I risk losing my spot and then having to start the podcast all over again. This makes listening to podcasts on Sonos practically impossible.

As this functionality exists in ANY podcast player I've ever used, I'm lost as to why this functionality is missing in any podcast player released in 2018/19...especially in the official app used to play audio through a premium speaker system.
Please add this functionality. I really need it.
Please add this feature. Need 30 second skip for podcast
When listening to a podcast in the Sonos app, I can see a progress bar ... and I can even drag the current position-in-the-podcast indicator to a new position. Unfortunately, this only results in the podcast starting over. In i-Heart-Radio's app I can drag to a new time position, jump back 15, jump ahead 30 ... I would really appreciate the addition of these features to the Sonos app. Premium products should have premium features in their apps!