volume control on Galaxy watch

  • 16 December 2020
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Hi why is it not possible to control the volume on my Sonos devices using my Galaxy watch 46mm? I can change tracks and see the artwork for the track playing. When I adjust the volume via my watch it has no effect on Sonos.

I have set the Sonos app volume control to control via other devices but still no joy. Adjusting the volume on my watch only changes the media volume on my Samsung S7 edge. Is there a setting I need to change somewhere? 

2 replies

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There is no Galaxy app, I’m quite surprised it works at all. Can’t see Sonos producing a specific change or app to do so. After all they don’t seem to be interested in the Apple Watch equivalent, which is arguably a bigger market. 

I asked the same question here.


I think the issue is that the music app on the watch is accessing music apps on the phone for play/pause and stuff, but for volume it skips the app and connects directly to the phone’s Media control.


I can’t decide if it’s more of an issue with the Sonos app not respecting the phone’s Media volume control, or with the Samsung phone or watch not connecting the S2 app’s volume control to the watch’s music app when Sonos is selected.


I’m thinking that Samsung figured “there’s no way a media app would be stupid enough to bypass the MEDIA volume control of the phone. We can just use that and make our application simpler.”