Volume Control Issues

2 Issues here:
- 1st issue is that our volume keeps increasing on its own. I can sit at the computer with the SONOS program open, and watch the bar jump up to max volume on its own. I try to slide it back down and watch it happen again. 4 days in a row now, so becoming an issue. Another thing to note is that I have no other controllers - I only use SONOS through my laptop.
- 2nd issue: I used to be able to control the volume on all three of my speakers separately - I could click on the volume control button and it would drop down showing me the three speakers with their own volume control bar next to them. Now I can only edit the volume as a group. Is there anything I can do to alter the volume on each speaker on its own?

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Same problem. I use controllers on Android and Ipad and both are not responding.
Within 10 minutes of either of you experiencing this issue, you should submit a system diagnostic, and then post the number here, so that the Sonos folks can take a look and see what the issue might be by looking at the system logs from your controller.
It also might not hurt to uninstall the Sonos app on your machines, and then reboot the device before downloading and reinstalling the Sonos app. Since all of the "settings" like playlists, etc, are stored on the speaker level, you wouldn't lose anything. Just make sure that when you reinstall, you select "Connect to existing Sonos System".

I'm thinking it may be possible that in at least one case, there's a corrupt control file. But I'm not guaranteeing this, but it doesn't cost anything to do the test. And if it doesn't work, submitting the diagnostic will certainly be a big help.
Thank you for this advise: reinstalling the app and rebooting turned out to be the solution! (BTW, the volume of Sonos is overwelming!!)
You're quite welcome.
Thank you Bruce, I will try this and let you know if I get it going. Just so I know for next time, do you have to submit the diagnostics within 10 minutes, or can I still submit diagnostics if I try re-booting and re-installing with no luck?
I'd recommend submitting the diagnostic within 10 minutes of the event. I'm not 100% sure as to how much data in the log files is saved across rebooting and reinstalling. No reason not to do two of them though, one before rebooting, one after. Might give them even more data to look at.

. I can sit at the computer with the SONOS program open, and watch the bar jump up to max volume on its own. I try to slide it back down and watch it happen again. 4 days in a row now, so becoming an issue.

Ghost in the machine?! Many people are reporting this one of late and I can't help thinking it is someone with access to your Sonos that is playing tricks on you. I would be interested in knowing how this one gets solved and whether it was a Sonos glitch.
I'll really be interested when we get past the anecdotal discussion, and someone supplies Sonos with a diagnostic, which might actually help them track down the issue 🙂
Just submitted diagnostic 7486790 with exactly this issue. A little after 10pm, the volume jumped 50% across a group of two Play:1's in my toddler and baby's bedrooms. Suboptimal, to say the least.

Haven't had the other issues folks reported re inability to control certain speakers.
A hearty welcome to the Community, DoubleJ711. There wasn't a lot of pertinent data in the diagnostic, so let's rule out the common causes. On each IOS device that you're using to control Sonos, please perform the following steps:

Tap the "Settings" icon (the gear icon)

Scroll down to the Sonos icon and disable the 'HW Vol Control' and the 'Lock Screen Controls' under the program options.
Same issue. Deleting/reinstalling app seems to work.
Something similar to OP's 1st issue happens to me as well on Sonos One device. I stream music from Spotify on desktop or iOS app and sometimes it just increases the volume up to the max and keeps on beeping that sound is being increased (without the characteristic sound of max volume reached).

Reading some of the answers I've disabled 'HW Vol Control' and the 'Lock Screen Controls' in the iOS Sonos app (although I'm pretty sure it was turned off last time as I'm not using it too often) and will report back if the issue still happens.

I don't have any other streaming/smart devices nor remote controls.

Diagnostic number: 1494427514
The best option would be to reinstall the app.
I'm using a Sonos 5 through MacBook Pro. The issue I have is being unable to control volume using the laptop's keys. Ran a diagnostic and Sonos confirmed there is currently no solution. It seems bizarre that the app has no manual control surely it's something they can easily fix, unless I've missed something here?