Volume Control

  • 28 October 2017
  • 2 replies

My volume control is very sensitive and plays our system at a low level, making adjustments up very loud [to us]. Is there a master control for the system or controllers [Android & PC]?

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2 replies

For a finer volume control, tap on either side of the slider. This will give more granularity than the hardware volume controls. To use it for lower volumes, slide it all the way to the left, then tap right to the desired volume.
Thanks. Apparently I didn't make myself clear. If there was a "master control" for the system, then I could set that at a lower level so that my handheld controller would have to be pushed up the scale to produce more or louder sound. Thus, I would have greater control of all sounds over the entire length of the scale instead of just the lower end, which makes the units harder to control.