View composer from song

  • 9 December 2017
  • 3 replies

I want to see the composer of a track I'm playing. It's not in "Info & Options" as far as I can see. The Composer view is of no help because I don't know the composer of the song I'm looking at! What am I missing?

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3 replies

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Doesn't seem to be available for music files. I'm not sure if any music services expose this information either.
The information is already "exposed" in Composer view, if you already know the name. Why not include it in "Info & Options"? In itunes it's there in "Get info".
This is an egregious oversight. Sonos, why not invest the smallest moment of time and energy to give composer's their proper attribution? There was a question above about whether the composer is exposed in whatever API is being invoked. At least in Apple Music, the composerName is an exposed attribute in the API: