Use Philips Hue Motion Sensor to play/stop music?

  • 25 November 2017
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I would like to use the Philips Hue Motion Sensor to play music while I'm in the kitchen and stop the music, when I leave the kitchen. Is this possible?

I have Philips Hue all around my appartement today and in the kitchen, the light is controlled by the motion sensor. I basically want the music to turn on, with the lights and off again, when the lights turn off.

If possible, I would also like speaker to stream a radio station on the morning hours and an Apple Music playlist in the evening. And if I'm playing something on other Sonos speakers, I would like the kitchen speaker to play the same, when turned on.

I don't own any Sonos products today. I'm asking before buying. I'm looking for a sound system for my appartement.

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1 reply

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I would think that this is something Philips would need to add to their Hue system, some kind of integration with Sonos. Once Philips has added that integration, then you'd be able to set up things like what you want to do.

It would be up to Philips to do this. Sonos could certainly provide them with the API to make the integration possible, but it would be up to Philips to make it work.

If IFTTT were able to receive triggers from the Philips Hue motion sensor, then I could see using Hue, IFTTT, and Logitech's Harmony Hub to make it possible as a workaround... but IFTTT doesn't have any triggers from Philips for Hue devices, only actions that can be taken on Hue lights/lightstrips.