Updating Shuffle and the Queue

Hey Sonos friends,
I just had a nice chat with one of the customer service reps and he suggested I share my comments hear in the hopes of us gaining a larger voice and having Sonos think about making some changes!

1. Shuffle: There should be a dedicated shuffle button on the main screen of any playlist. This is how Spotify does it, and it is very simple. Now, I have to add songs I want to the queue, play the queue, and then click on the bottom of the screen to get it to shuffle. I should be able to open a playlist, and when I select "play all songs," that should give me the option right there to play them in shuffle mode. Adding the songs to the queue, hitting play, and then hitting shuffle is WAY too much work to get a playlist shuffle going!

2. Queue: What is the point of the queue? If I am using Spotify (I suppose if you aren't using a Spotify or a similar service this makes less sense), I already have the playlists I want. Why do I need to duplicate the effort of lining up all the songs/playlists I want again the queue, and then have to play them in the queue as opposed to just playing that playlist? At the very least, if I have more options with my playlists from services like Spotify (such as being able to shuffle them without having to put them in the queue), then I don't have to mess with the queue unless I want to create a master playlist without going into Spotify.

In summary: Make it easier to shuffle songs in playlists (might as well add a repeat button while you are add it) and take away redundant clicks and functions like the queue!


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Hey, I think the queue and playback functions could use some tweaking and additional features, but no way I couldn't imagine not having a queue :)

What about casting direct from the Spotify (or any other music) app, would this be the best case option?
You don't have to play the songs first before enabling shuffle, I always do it the other way around.

I can see your point, a speaker queue is effectively just a playlist. In the queue you can presently shuffle and edit/change order etc.

In a Sonos playlist you cannot presently shuffle and/or edit/change things easily, but I guess if you could do ALL those things, then I see there could be a case to do away with the queue entirely... So everything you can do now in the queue would be shifted over to all playlists.

I don't think I would mind that ... The only thing is sometimes developers can remove things, like the queue for example and then some features are then not made available in playlists and the end-user loses out on some existing functionality. If properly implemented, I guess your suggestion could work.

I can also sympathise with others though, who like to suddenly change their current 'playing' queue, perhaps to suit their mood at that moment in time... Such an 'on the fly' edit is something many of us do I'm sure and so for that reason, I would like to see and have access to my queue too.

It could be useful to some users however, to keep things simple, to have an option in SETTINGS to show or hide the queue, for those people who are not so impulsive as me and want to change their play order etc. at the last minute.

Firstly though, we would definitely need the option to shuffle and quickly edit all our playlists.
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personally there should be a happy compromise. Faster and easier ability to play albums/playlists (with or without shuffle). These can still be loaded into a queue but should occur more 'in the background'. This is actually how spotify works today but is so seamless that its not really obvious to the user that there is a Spotify queue at all as its quite well hidden ! see here https://support.spotify.com/uk/using_spotify/search_play/play-queue .
Quote "If you're listening to an album, Spotify automatically queues all of its songs"

However, back to Sonos, if a user wants to adapt the queue to insert/reorder or remove tracks or even start a new one from scratch that should still be possible as today - just making the initial loading of the queue a bit simpler would be preferred 😉

Yes I could live with that simple playlist selection and/or shuffle, but I think to streamline the interface, there could be a show/hide switch for the queue too in the sonos settings. Then the queue can be there if people want it, or perhaps switched off (by default) for those who are not interested in the queue.

A simple end-user interface is great, but let's keep some advanced settings available for the more experienced users.
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whats all this about - anyone seen any announcements ?

“Today, Sonos are enhancing the way people play music via the Sonos app, making it even easier to control and play music out loud and ensure the music never stops (unless you want it to).”

The big improvements the update will make concern the music queuing (which has now been streamlined), the ‘Play All’ and ‘Shuffle’ commands and room grouping functionality.

The news article link appears to talk about updates to 'queuing', but I thought you actually wanted the 'shuffle' and 'play' features direct from a Sonos playlist ... I'm not sure if the article is referring to the main speaker/room queue? ... It's a little confusing isn't it?
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I dont know what its talking about as is light on details. However, it mentions/implies that there is some kind of streamlining to the queuing and improvements with ‘Play All’ and ‘Shuffle’ commands - all of which are the requested in this post. Strange that the article precedes any official announcement from Sonos. Either they jumped the gun or made it up ! Time will tell I suppose.
Yes it's interesting, unless they have taken your ideas in this thread and think you have predicted the future ha ha 😃

However they seem to talk about the 'queue' and you were aiming your ideas in this thread at the playlist side of things. If nothing else, it shows your thoughts are perhaps a good idea... I think I would prefer your playlist idea myself, as you can play, edit and shuffle a queue already.

I still find the article a bit confusing myself and was wondering if it's perhaps an old publication, but with today's date attached to it?
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here we go...:D
Oh right ...and are you on the 'public' beta programme? Is there a 6.4 update available? I don't seem to have it myself ... Perhaps it's not available to all countries at the moment? I'm in the UK.
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Im just joining connecting the dots with the latest news coming out today and the subject of this thread - nothing more
I guess we can expect some official announcement soon then, like you mentioned earlier. I will wait and see.
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I guess we can expect some official announcement soon then, like you mentioned earlier. I will wait and see.

We were just making sure everything was up and running before announcing it to everyone. Here's the official announcement for the public beta.