Updating on Android

  • 29 November 2016
  • 6 replies

I follow the update link, it only asked me to confirm my email address and nothing happen. I was not able to update the Sonos controller.

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6 replies

You are enrolled in beta. You can download the beta APK directly by logging in here and going to the Downloads section:
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You should be able to update within the app and not ask for email. If your on beta software then this question should be addresses with beta team.
url gave me
url gave me

Again, some do not get the email for one reason or another. Follow the link I gave above, download the APK to your Android device and install.
when I logged in... it said i was not enrolled to beta... (discourage)
when I logged in... it said i was not enrolled to beta... (discourage)

More than likely your Sonos system is registered under another e-mail, either one of your own or (if you had one) that of your Sonos installer. Which is why you never received the e-mail. Submit a diagnostic from the Settings menu, and contact Sonos either here or via phone and they will get you straightened out.