Updates direct to speaker vs to controller then to speaker

  • 23 January 2018
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I have sonos systems at my primary residence and at my Ranch home in the mountains. The Ranch has no internet and limited cell phone service. When at the Ranch I have a router, no internet, I use to play music I have stored on my iPhone. The problem is every update Sonos puts out I update when at my primary residence; however, when I go to the ranch my phone conflicts with the non-updated system which is now requiring an update. The fix would be allow the controller to update the speakers and not require them to have internet access. Each update I have to take the speakers down and move them. I've been using Sonos for years now, but lately the updates have been making it difficult to run these two different systems.

I will have to move to a different product if Sonos doesn't address this.

Is Sonos working on a more user friendly updating process so those that use Sonos without internet can still use the speakers?

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