Update failures on Apple Products

  • 5 November 2019
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Every time I open Sonos on any of my Apple devices, it says that I need to update my Apple App. When I select Update, it tries and fails. I can’t get past the Updates page and I can’t use any of my devices to use my Sonos System.

It is a useless system that is unreliable. Even when it does decide to function (using Alexa on the Sonos One), it drops out after a few minutes.What do I need to do to get my Sonos to function?

5 replies

That’s really strange, I’ve been able to update two Macs, an iPhone, and two iPads with no issue whatsoever. So it makes me wonder what might be blocking your ability to update.

What Apple device are you trying to update? Which version of the Apple OS is it running? What version of the Sonos software do you have currently installed on those Apple devices? What version of the firmware is currently running on your speakers?

There certainly are some generic suggestions that I could give you, such as a simple reboot of your router, as well as your Apple device. Sometime updates are blocked by firewall software, which don’t allow either the Apple device or the speakers to reach out to Sonos’ servers to get the new data. It’s hard to tell from the information that you’ve included to point at either one of these as specific issues.

Can you share more, and perhaps the community can help? Or if you prefer, you may want to contact Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

I suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available because they're on the phone with you, but they are only available Monday through Friday during business hours. Both the Twitter and Facebook support folks are available 24/7.

Thanks, Bruce. I think I fixed it.

I deleted the App and re-installed. After a few false starts to get my music library to synch, I let it search and find it. So, my Mac is up & running.

I will do a similar effort on my other devices.

Cheers, Dave.


@Dangerous Dave 57 @Airgetlam  - funny enough, I’ve been “deleting and reinstalling” Sonos Controller on OSX (mostly running lates betas during that time) for the second year now. It always goes like “Check for an update”→ “we found an update blah” → I click “Update”, update progress goes to 100, then the OS throws up a “Sonos wants to make changes” root password prompt (🙄Come on Sonos, can t you use the correct APIs), I grudgingly enter the password → “Sonos update failed / An unexpected error occurred. Please try again” and Sonos controller crashes.

The only way to “update” is to delete the application, download it from and install again. Moreover, those downloads are not even signed correctly, OSX complains “can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”).

I do have better things to do than this dead chicken dance, seriously. One more year of this and I’ll get something else, even Echo is not that bad sound-wise these days.

If anyone in support cares, I saved today’s crashlog.@Ryan R. (Apologies if I’m pinging the wrong person, someone with a similar/same handle from Sonos support was quite helpful in the past)

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Sounds like your Mac recently updated to Catalina, based on the “unidentified developer” prompt. That OS change has broken a boat-load of apps and confused customers across the planet. Apple have a terrible record of back-compat and this is another example.


I wouldn’t blame Apple - the beta has been available for half a year now. That’s the public beta, and developer beta is always available way earlier. Exactly in order to give software developers a chance to update their application. That’s actually why I like Apple - when they want to break something for a good reason, they give you a very long notice. And tools. Not like Windows that I suspect (I quit using it years ago, only on Fusion for some ancient obscure apps) still carries code and broken features from early 90s. 

I suspect Sonos have lost or fired their OSX developers and are focusing on their iOS thingy, hoping that Apple will eventually release Catalyst/Marzipan - the cross-platform framework for iOS apps to run on OS X.

It’s not only image/application signature, they literally haven’t updated their OS X controller for anything other than maybe bugs (or just adding numbers and not really changing anything?). I can’t even add any music from my Mac anymore.