UI issue with S2 controller version 12.0.1 on macOS 11

Currently having a strange UI issue with the Sonos S2 controller application version 12.0.1 on macos 11. When I try to adjust the volume I can’t actually move the slider button by clicking on it and dragging - I can only move the slider button by clicking on the line itself. The volume slider button will also only move left or right in 5% increments when clicking - it won’t move to the point of the cursor.


My iPhone Sonos S2 Sonos app isn’t currently having problems so I’ve been using that mainly - just thought someone would like to know.



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My Windows 10 version is fine.  I would expect them to behave the same, but don’t know that for sure.  Maybe try uninstalling then download again?

@John B I tried that already. My hunch is that the app hasn’t been updated properly for macos 11 because it seemed to be working fine before I upgraded.

Using MacOS 10.15.5, and Sonos controller 12.0.1, and not having this issue at all, also on a MacBook Air. 

Mac OS 11 is in beta, correct? I don’t believe Sonos has ever committed to supporting beta versions of OS’s,  Issues like this come up pretty much every time Apple comes out with a new beta, somehow Sonos is able to fix all issues before the OS is publicly released, but that’s likely due to folks like you who report these issues.