Truly Trueplay Troubles

  • 2 October 2016
  • 9 replies

I am using an iPhone5s, an iPad mini 4 and have all updated software including Sonos. When I try Trueplay the message I get is that Trueplay is not yet available for these devices. It was available a few months ago before all of the software updates. Any ideas what's going on?

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9 replies

Which version of iOS?
10.0.2 on the Pad and phone. Thanks for your help. I'm not a Beta user BTW
There was an earlier report here of Trueplay not working on the latest iPhone because it may have a new mike; but iPad's on iOS 10 were reported to be able to do Trueplay. Perhaps reinstalling the Sonos Controller from the app store may kick start things.
Trueplay works fine with the Sonos 6.4.1 iController on an iTouch 6G running 10.0.2.

What precise error message are you getting?
The specific message says "Trueplay is coming soon. Trueplay tuning is not yet available for this iPad. Please check the link below to check on plans for availability". When I check the link it only tells me which devices are supported and both of my devices are listed as supported for Trueplay. Same message on the iPhone.
It worked fine a few months ago before I updated any of the device or Sonos software
Strange. As Kumar suggests, try removing and reinstalling the Sonos app. Other than that, Sonos Support would need to advise.
Tried that.....didn't work. Same message. Where do I access Sonos Support for their direct input, by email?
You can open a support ticket at, but someone from Sonos Support should be monitoring this and ought to step in anyway.