Trouble updating system with all controls. It shows me there is a update, will not allow. Help

Is everybody having troubles updating?Help

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Hi, SamsMusicWorld. I don't think there is a widespread issue. What devices are you trying to update? What kind of device do you have the application installed on? It may be the case that your system has some WiFi interference present. This is often the cause of update issues. If those links don't work, not to worry, we can certainly get to the bottom of this for you. Following any further occurrence of this issue or changes in your setup, please submit a diagnostic and respond with the confirmation number. This way we can identify the cause. Many thanks in advance.
Sometime, deleting the app from whichever device it is on, and downloading a fresh copy helps, if you’re having issues with the controller updating. If it’s the speakers that you’re having issues with , I’d agree with Edward R’ s assessment of a likely Wi-Fi interference.

There’s no reason to worry about deleting the controller, your system’s settings are stored on the speakers. If you install a fresh copy, just be sure to ‘connect to existing system’.


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