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  • 20 June 2020
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The iOS controller app, both the older S1 and new S2 versions, provides no affordance for display of long titles. See attached screenshot. In the first entry, which Bach sonata for unaccompanied violin is it? Which movement? There’s no way to discern.  How about the Mozart concerto; which movement is which? 

Can we not have a means of seeing the full title? Not every “song” has a short title.


3 replies

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This is one area where the Desktop controllers shine, thanks to huge real-estate, and the ability to do tooltips. The mobile apps don’t support landscape, which would help for this.

It is not only on the apple either its rubbish on the android I have both and was hoping one improvement would be that, tried microscopic text size in phone settings and it's rubbish tried it on wife's ipad slightly more characters but nowhere near enough. Violin concerto number 1 in b flat maj, as opposed to violin concerto number 1 in b.

App designed by an intern, tried Beyonce, umbrella, fits must be good.

Beginning to think Sonos is for rock and pop only. 

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Try SonoPhone (from the App Store), it does a “smart” trim of long names when browsing, showing both the start and the end and uses a small font to do so. In its Now Playing screen it also does horizontal scrolling of track titles etc.