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  • 14 November 2018
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Thumbs up/down for a song doesn't give the orange thumb to indicate that it's been thumbed before.

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10 replies

Hi Everybody, my post came out as tags. Can't find the delete area to start again, nor can I see a field to write in, so I'm replying to my own post.

I'm talking about the Thumbs Up/Down feature. In earlier versions, when you gave a song the thumbs up, you got an orange thumb to say it was successful, in addition to a text box. When the song came up again, the orange thumb was there to indicate that you already gave it the thumbs up. Now the orange thumb appears on some songs, but not on others.

The thumbs up action still appears to work. I'm just wondering why the orange thumb is no longer working reliably.

Best wishes
Interesting. In what source are you talking about? Amazon, Apple, Spotify, Pandora? I think all of those interfaces are basically controlled by each vendor, who takes the API provided by Sonos and writes their own interface to their system. You might want to also ping whomever you're having trouble with. But it's probably good to have posted here, too, just in case Sonos can forward them a copy of your request, once they know who you're talking about 🙂
Hi Bruce, thank you for your reply. It's Google Play Music where I am seeing the inconsistency. It looks as though older songs keep the orange thumb, but not the newer ones. Or perhaps it's songs thumbed up in the app, or on a desktop. Can't say for sure where the origin of the problem lies. Personally I think it's a buggy update somewhere. Not a big concern as the thumb still favourites the song. Best wishes, Gary
That's even more fascinating. Older songs keep it, not newer. I can't make that work in my mind.

At the end of the day, basically what you see in any individual streaming node in the Sonos controller is based on data sent from that company. Sonos set up the API, but the data that feeds it comes from, in this case, Google Play Music. I'm relatively certain that Sonos doesn't do any "filtering" of that data, they just take it, and display it. So, I'd be bugging Google Play Music, and let some programmer there have the joy of figuring out why some data is there, and other data isn't.
Hi Bruce, I think you are right. It's not a big problem, but I thought I'd see if anyone had a similar situation. I think I will ignore it. Really appreciate your input. Best wishes Gary
Yes this gap is frustrating. Originally the app would not mark the song with thumbs up, but would have a prompt staying song has been liked. Now there is NOTHING. NO PROMPT OR CHANGE IN THUMBS UP. UGH! Come on guys. And yes I have the latest firmware.
Agree, this is really frustrating to not be able to just remove a Thumbs Up. I use the Google Play Thumbs Up playlist as my default, and when I get tired of a song I used to simply remove the Thumbs Up. It doesn't mean I actively dislike a song -- not the same thing as removing the Thumbs Up, Sonos.
Please note my response above. TL: DR, it's up to Google to do this, not Sonos.
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Personally I'd love for a button press on the speaker to initiate a thumbs up.
Wow, that's an interesting request. Not sure I'm ever near enough to a speaker to reach it. But I can see how others might like it 🙂