the shuffle feature repeats songs before it plays the whole sonos playlist. Can this be fixed on my end?

  • 19 July 2014
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I find I have to manually skip a song because Sonos will occasionally repeat a song in the playlist with just a gap of a few tracks between. It happens each time I shuffle my sonos playlist and several times within the duration of the playlist.

5 replies

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Hello Karen,

A way to switch up the order in which the tracks are played is to start the playlists in a different section of the playlist. If you start at the first song, try starting at the second song or halfway through the playlist. 

There is not a way at this time to change the setting of the 'random play' to be more 'randomized'. There is an 'Idea' thread that request this feature, I'd recommend that you add your vote to this feature so that it can potentially be implemented in the future. 
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Hi Dominique,

I think Karen's point is that when playing in shuffle mode it repeats some songs in its randomisation.

When playing in shuffle mode it should not play the same track again until all the tracks have played in a random order.

My opinion is that this should not be listed on here as an 'idea'.  It is a problem that requires a fix.
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Maybe the song is on twice on the same playlist
this is very annoying basically making the shuffle feature not - please fix
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this is very annoying basically making the shuffle feature not - please fix

The shuffle feature has been significantly changed in the upcoming 5.4 software update. The queue will show you the shuffled order, and will play through the queue entirely before repeating, if you have repeat turned on.

This software update is currently available in public beta testing for desktop (Windows/Mac) and Android devices. Visit to join the public beta test, if you want to try it out before it's released for everyone.