The S1 app needs to stop hounding me to install the S2 app.

  • 9 August 2020
  • 2 replies

Every single time I access the S1 app on Android to use my system, an alert appears telling me to try the new S2 app. Your S1 app has all the information on what Sonos devices I own, and therefore should know that I do not have any hardware compatible with the S2 app. The alerts to use the S2 app inside the S1 app need to stop now for users who have no S2-compatible hardware. They are spam and unwelcome. I click them closed and the app pays no attention to my preference. This is annoying and gross.

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2 replies

I agree; if this is happening it ismore careless behaviour by Sonos that someone on the Sonos staff should escalate for fixing all the way to Spence if the staff want to be earning all of their wages.

And then keep on the Spence case till it is fixed.

And I would extend this to include all systems that has even one unit in it that is not compatible with S2.

This behaviour is not just spam but, arguably, malicious spam by Sonos.

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Do you have another device to try with? Eg try the PC app, say No if it offers to upgrade, and that should mark the household as “dont upgrade” then you might be good. (This is speculation as I’ve neve used Android).