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So I have 2 old Sonos speakers, maybe 3 or 4 years so I should  be on the Sonos  s1 app as far as I can make out. But when I open it it won’t let me in and says my devices need me to upgrade to the Sonos 2app bit that is for devices made this year. I downloaded it but it won’t let me in. 

I have a feeling this is a common problem but unless I email the ceo it is so hard to contact Sonos and he is probably going to ignore me while he deals with everyone who is so unimpressed with them pissed off about our devices being obsolete. 

Hope someone can get me back in touch with my speakers! I can play via Spotify but the sound isn’t great 

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I think we need a bit more detail from you. What kit do you have?

If they are 3 or 4 years old they will be modern devices and compatible with S2.

If you think S2 is only for devices made this year you are woefully ill-informed.

Thanks I tried again with a more positive outlook and it is now up and running