The 8.x bottom button bar — why it is not persistent.

  • 19 November 2017
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One of the major (ahem) advances of v8 is the button bar at the bottom of the screen.

A lot of users have said this would make more sense if it was persistent and if it didn’t disappear on the ‘now playing’ screen (sorry, I don’t know what else this screen might be called).

I agree this would make sense, and some users have posted to suggest that Sonos might be indeed be working on this.

This offered a little glimmer of hope on the usability stakes. However the subtle animation changes made in 8.2 would suggest Sonos have other ideas.

Before the arguments start I say ‘suggest’ because, no of course I don’t know Sonos’s plans and any other changes might happen at any time in the future.

But the change does show this ‘now playing’ screen to be (literally) a separate layer quite away from the button bar controls. My own view is that if the button bar was meant to be ‘always on’ it would have been in 8.0 — why would it not be ? Version 8.2 seems to be Sonos’s subtle way of clarifying the UI to show the ‘now playing’ screen to be quite separate, with no button bar always the intention.

Ok, so this is not a moan, a groan, a complaint, or an invitation to a fight. But my own personal POV is that the button bar functionality will be staying as it is.

Again just my opinion. Don’t shoot me.


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2 replies

Hi Andrew. I have asked for this change since the start, and was disappointed tthat we didn't see a change in 8.2. Maybe that just indicates that changes take time. I thought the tinkerings looked a bit rushed in fact.

So I haven't given up hope on this yet.

Incidentally, I am finding navigation easier if I don't keep going back to the full Now Playing screen so often, to keep the bar visible. But I'd rather not have that restriction.
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I find it painfully ironic that the one DARK (visual) thing in the new & incredibly awful UI that actually looks good, is the thing that immediately disappears, allowing the user to see more bright WHITE on their phone or tablet screen! Unbelievable.